Rene Naufahu, former Shortland Street star, admits six charges of indecent assault

Former Shortland Street star Rene Naufahu has admitted six charges of indecent assault against several acting students.

The 47-year-old's trial was due to start Friday morning, but he changed his plea to guilty.

Thirteen other charges were withdrawn.

The alleged offending took place between 2010 and 2013 against adult female acting students the man was teaching in one-on-one classes.

The Crown said last year he took each would-be actress aside after the group classes, telling them they had great potential and that he was willing to provide one-on-one lessons to help further their careers.

With each woman, Naufahu then used teaching techniques to create sexual scenarios that went beyond legitimate acting lessons, the Crown said.

He began by kissing each woman unexpectedly during these sessions, before, in later classes, initiating more intimate kissing and indecently touching their breasts over their clothing.

With one woman he touched her breast under her bra and pulled out his penis and pleaded with the woman to kiss it, the Crown said.

Naufahu initially denied the offending. Defence lawyer Ron Mansfield said the actor never indecently touched the women or pulled his penis out and that the kissing was part of legitimate and professional teaching techniques, similar to those employed in the group classes.

Mr Mansfield said the women, who were all known to each other, had instead colluded with the help of others to exaggerate their claims of what happened because of a perceived slight against them.

He said one of the women also had a consensual affair with Naufahu.

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