Helen Clark ranked world's third most influential woman

  • 06/09/2017
She's ranked above Oprah and Michelle Obama.
She's ranked above Oprah and Michelle Obama. Photo credit: Getty

Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are two of the world's most influential women but when it comes to social media they've apparently got nothing on former prime minister Helen Clark.

She's jumped up to third place on the Richtopia world's most influential women list, which is based on social media influence.

US presidential candidate and former first lady Hillary Clinton is the most influential, according to the list, while Harry Potter author JK Rowling is No. 2.

Ms Clark's move to third pushed her above US Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi in fourth and Oprah, who slipped to fifth, while Ms Obama is ranked sixth.

Politicians make up the majority of the top 10 and include former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard in ninth and British Prime Minister Theresa May, appropriately placed at No. 10.

Ms Clark tweeted she was pleased to be promoted to third on the list, telling followers she was "reaching out through social media on important issues".