NZ fuel industry rebuilding stocks

  • 25/09/2017
NZ fuel industry rebuilding stocks
Photo credit: Noel Jones

The New Zealand fuel industry is focusing on rebuilding stocks in the wake of the jet fuel supply crisis at Auckland Airport.

Flights at New Zealand's largest airport were disrupted when the pipe from the country's only oil refinery was holed by a digger more than a week ago.

The pipe has been repaired and seven million litres of jet fuel has been pumped to the tank farm at Wiri in South Auckland where it has to settle for 30 hours before it can be pumped on to the airport.

The jet fuel should be pumping to the airport from Wiri by Monday evening and will be ready to load on planes from the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Fuel industry spokesman Andrew McNaught said an operating committee would continue to consider the fuel allocations to airline customers on a daily basis and the allocations would be eased as soon as possible.

Jet fuel would also continue to be trucked until industry stock positions were rebuilt.

Mobil and BP transported jet fuel out of a new truck loading facility at Whangarei during the weekend, and Z Energy would begin on Monday, Mr McNaught said.

On Saturday, the coastal vessel Matuku delivered 1.5m litres of jet fuel into converted chemical tanks at Wynyard Wharf in downtown Auckland, providing an additional jet fuel supply point in the city. Jet fuel will be available for loading at Wynyard from mid-week.

The pipeline from Marsden Point to Auckland also carries petrol and diesel to Auckland. During the crisis ground fuel supplies in Auckland held up.

Petrol and diesel would follow jet fuel out of the pipeline at Wiri, to rebuild ground fuel stock levels in the tanks at Wiri, the industry said.