Wife killer Colin Bouwer to be released from prison

Murder, Dunedin
He was serving a life sentence. Photo credit: Newshub

A South African psychiatrist who spent 16 years in jail in New Zealand for murdering his wife will be sent back to his home country.

Colin Bouwer, 67, was sentenced to life in jail in 2001 for the murder of Annette Bouwer, who died in her Dunedin home in January 2000 from a cocktail of drugs he administered her over a four-month period.

Bouwer, who had fought deportation previously on health grounds, has agreed to travel back to South Africa when he is released on October 11, a Parole Board decision released on Monday said.

The decision outlined Bouwer has had a deterioration in his mental health, "related to symptoms of depression", along with stage four kidney disease.

"This was said to be managed in a conservative manner, given Mr Bouwer's reasoning that it would be hypocritical, given that he ended his wife's life, to engage in more intensive life-prolonging intervention."

Bouwer was described as an exemplary prisoner and he had a low risk of re-offending or violence.

He had family and community support in South Africa, according to the decision.

He will not be allowed to return to New Zealand and confirmed his days of practising medicine were over. He will be not permitted to do so in South Africa.

The prosecution in the 2001 trial alleged Bouwer tried to make his wife's death look like an illness so he could claim life insurance and live with his lover and colleague.