Witness 'lied' to police after murder

  • 27/09/2017
Christchurch, Crime
Peter John Carroll, 52, is on trial for murder in the Christchurch High Court. Photo credit: Newshub

A witness to the alleged murder of a Christchurch man, says she was in shock and lied to police about what happened.

Peter John Carroll, 52, is on trial for murder in the Christchurch High Court, after the body of Marcus Luke Tucker was found bashed and burnt near Lake Ellesmere in April last year.

Defence lawyer Tim Fournier didn't hold back during the cross examination of the witness on Wednesday, who was at the scene when Carroll allegedly bashed Mr Tucker with a steering wheel lock.

The jury heard that the witness, who has name suppression, made three statements to police, with the first two false.

"I was scared, I didn't know what to say to the police. Carroll told me what to say to the police," the witness said.

"I was in shock, I didn't know what happened, I was nervous and scared."

Mr Fournier challenged the witness saying they weren't "in shock enough", because the witness managed to speak to the neighbour to tell them to go back to their room during the incident.

Mr Fournier also showed the jury a sketch the witness had drawn for police, of a car used in the alleged murder, which was fictitious.

"You are a deliberate accomplished liar, looking out for yourself," Mr Fournier said.

The witness became agitated and raised her voice to the court, saying "I'm not a liar now".

"I was, but I'm not now, I've been 15 months clean (from drugs)."

The witness told the court she didn't see Carroll allegedly bash Mr Tucker, and waited outside of the bedroom where the incident took place.

Several times during the cross examination, the witness told Mr Fournier that Carroll was lying about his version of events.

The trial started on Monday, when the jury heard that Mr Tucker and Carroll were involved in the city's drug scene, and Mr Tucker had been using fake $100 notes to buy drugs days before his death.

Mr Tucker's drug deals with fake money allegedly angered others in the drug scene.

The trial is expected to last until next week.