Creator of 'Sh*t towns of NZ' Facebook page gets death threats

Oamaru and Rotorua were both targeted by the Facebook page.
Oamaru and Rotorua were both targeted by the Facebook page. Photo credit: Getty

The mastermind behind a popular Facebook page celebrating New Zealand's least desirable characteristics says he's now in hiding after a series of death threats.

The man, who says he's received close to 20 death threats in the two years since he established the 'Shit towns of New Zealand' page, says he has now hidden his identity.

"[Those] who don't get the joke seem prone to making violent threats... we're not prepared to run the risk that one of these gormless goons will actually act out some of the uber violence they propose," the page posted.

"We all have different senses of humour - maybe you could go back to looking at videos of dogs wearing sunglasses or whatever it is that tickles your particular funny bone."

Auckland, Rotorua, Masterton and Oamaru have all been targets of the "S*** Towns of New Zealand" Facebook page - but some people are taking the joke to heart more than others.

"We've received quite a few death threats - particularly from Cromwell weirdly enough. People have threatened to stab our eyes, throw us off a bridge - that sort of thing," the anonymous man told NZME.

The threats came after the page called the central-Otago town a "mistake by the lake".

Some of the page's other burns include calling Oamaru an "economically depressed shithole in fancy dress", and calling Morrinsville "one of those small Waikato shitholes that seemingly only exist so that people can get them confused with each other".

"Roto-Vegas, the only place where smelling like a toilet is considered a tourist attraction," it said of Rotorua.

Speaking of the backlash, the administrator pointed out "context is important".

"You've clicked on a link to a page called 'Shit Towns of New Zealand'. That might be your first clue that the content shouldn't be taken at face value."

The page's administrators say the criticisms are satire and don't actually reflect their genuine opinions.

The page has been liked over 25,000 times.

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