Man facing charges for posting 'grotesque' videos to Facebook

  • 18/10/2017
Man facing charges for posting 'grotesque' videos to Facebook
Photo credit: Getty

A man charged with publishing "grotesque" videos on Facebook of atrocities in Burma and parts of the "Muslim world" has had his case referred to the film classification board.

Ahamed Mohamed Samsudeen, 28, is facing 23 charges, including 19 for either publishing or copying objectionable material.

On Wednesday in the High Court at Auckland, Justice Timothy Brewer ordered the images Samsudeen is charged with publishing and copying be handed over to New Zealand's Office of Film and Literature Classification.

The office's chief sensor will then decide if the images are objectionable or not, Justice Brewer said.

If they are not deemed offensive, these portion of Samsudeen's charges will be dismissed, but if they are deemed offensive the matter may proceed further, he said.

Samsudeen is also facing charges of possessing an offensive weapon and obtaining or using documents for pecuniary advantage.