Verdict due in gang hazing death

  • 02/10/2017
Tribesmen gang logo.
Tribesmen gang logo. Photo credit: File

A jury is expected to begin its deliberations into whether two men are guilty or not of bashing a Tribesmen gang prospect to death after becoming frustrated by him.

Denis Solomon, 32, and a 33-year-old man with name suppression, are on trial in Auckland, accused of murdering Mr Ratima, 24, at the Tribesmen gang pad in Otara in February last year by attacking him and leaving him near dead on the ground.

Mr Ratima was later declared brain dead at Middlemore Hospital.

Prosecutors said the men tried to harden Mr Ratima up by getting him to fight another man who was an associate of the gang.

When this was not successful, they then grew frustrated and launched a savage attack on him.

But defence lawyers argue the Crown built its case on unreliable testimony by gang associates and there was not enough proof to find either man guilty of taking part in Mr Ratima's attack.

Justice Anne Hinton is expected to sum the case on Monday for the jury before its members retire to deliberate on their verdict.