Christchurch babysitter found guilty of manslaughter after toddler death

Christchurch woman Shayal Upashna Sami has been found guilty of manslaughter
after a toddler she was babysitting died.

The Christchurch High Court jury retired last Friday, but returned with their decision on Monday afternoon.

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Aaliyah Ashlyn Chand Photo credit: Supplied

One-year-old Aaliyah Ashlyn Chand was injured in the care of babysitter Sami, who was 18 years old at the time, after suffering two fatal skull fractures on January 6, 2015. The toddler died the next day in hospital.

Sami's defence claimed that she put Aaliyah down on the couch to sleep and was in the kitchen cooking dinner, when the toddler woke up and fell off the couch.

But the Crown argued that Sami snapped in a "moment of frustration" and harmed the toddler.

During the trial, Crown lawyer Mark Zarifeh told the court that baby Aaliyah's injuries, including two skull fractures and bruising to the face, didn't line up with Sami's explanation.

Sami will be sentenced on December 15.