Drunk passenger restrained on Air NZ flight

  • 04/11/2017
Drunk passenger restrained on Air NZ flight
Photo credit: File

A drunk male passenger has been restrained during an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to Los Angeles.

Customs and Border Protection Los Angeles told NZME the man was refused entry to the US because he was intoxicated and verbally abusive to crew and passengers on the flight.

The passenger failed to comply with crew instructions and required restraint in flight, the airline says.

Police met flight NZ6 on arrival at 11.13am Friday in Los Angeles (7.13am Saturday NZT), Air New Zealand says.

The incident unfolded about four hours into the flight, and the passenger was knocked to the ground by crew, NZME reported.

The airline says crew are trained in restraint procedures, which can include lowering an uncooperative passenger onto the floor of the aircraft.