Kelly Tarlton's gentoo penguin chicks hatch

  • 30/11/2017
The sea life aquarium has 14 new adorable residents.
The sea life aquarium has 14 new adorable residents. Photo credit: Supplied / Kelly Tarltons

Fourteen adorable penguins have been welcomed into the world at Sea Life Kelly Tarlton's Auckland.

The first of the gentoo chicks hatched four weeks ago, marking this year's breeding efforts as one of the most successful yet for the Auckland attraction.

Staff have been busy building breeding nests for the penguins, monitoring egg development and weighing the chicks up to four times a day over several weeks.

"Gentoo penguins grow incredibly quick, so over the next few weeks they will continue to develop with their parents and learn vital skills including how to socialise within the colony and how to feed," says head curator Andrew Christie.

When the penguins are big enough they will head to the purpose-built penguin creche where the team will teach them further skills, such as swimming.