Pike River re-entry process gets underway

  • 06/11/2017
The Pike River Mine.
The Pike River Mine. Photo credit: Getty

The Pike River family members are in Wellington to meet with Andrew Little, who has promised to re-enter the mine where the bodies of 29 workers remain.

Mr Little, a former union boss who is minister responsible for Pike River re-entry, will meet them at 9am on Monday.

"Bloody hell team, it's really happening!" the Stand With Pike group posted on Facebook on Sunday.

"He is all about making it happen. First order of business will be making sure that the exact form of the agency created to do the work is sufficiently nimble and independent of anyone too tainted from past mistakes to be completely trusted to do this right," the group says.

Anna Osborne, Bernie Monk and Sonya Rockhouse will be at the meeting.

Last month Mr Little said a manned re-entry of the Pike River Mine may be attempted early next year.

Both Labour and NZ First campaigned during the election on the promise of re-entering the mine where 29 men died in the 2010 explosions.

The previous National-led government had refused to send men into the mine, saying current owner Solid Energy considered it too risky.