Rescue operation underway for another missing yacht

  • 19/11/2017
Top down view onto water at the pacific ocean. The waves draw a lively texture. White gushing parts randomly break up the dark blue water.
Photo credit: File

A second rescue operation for another missing yacht is underway after a Norwegian yachtsman activated a distress signal.

Rescue Co-ordination Centre New Zealand was alerted to a Norwegian yachtsman on Saturday afternoon whose damaged yacht is caught in rough seas and strong winds.

The yacht, Ilanga, is adrift roughly 260km northeast of Cape Brett in Northland.

The Ilanga has damaged sails and rigging, a broken window and has taken on some water but is not in danger of sinking, Senior Search and Rescue Officer, Mike Roberts says.

A merchant ship, MV Southern Lily has been diverted to aid the Norwegian yachtsman and is due to meet the yacht at midday Sunday.

This is the second rescue operation of a yacht this weekend, with a Kiwi yachtsman rescued yesterday after he had to abandon his boat east of Norfolk Island.