Solar panel firm given warning over savings claim

  • 03/11/2017
Solar panel installation
Photo credit: File

Claims from a solar panel retailer that solar installation would result in a property being sold twice as fast has resulted in a warning from the Commerce Commission.

The Commission believe New Zealand Home Services Limited may be in breach of the Fair Trading Act over unsubstantiated claims solar systems can increase property values and lead to a property being sold twice as fast.

NZHS have been asked to substantiate these claims, which also include the claim that a solar system can generate a return of over 30 percent.

"In our view the materials provided were of varying degrees of reliability, were from overseas sources not relevant to the representations made about the New Zealand market, or were created or compiled after the representations were made," the Commission's head of investigations Ritchie Hutton says.

NZHS has since removed the claims from its website.

The unsubstantiated representations provision of the FTA came into effect in June 2014.

It states that a representation is unsubstantiated if the person making it does not have reasonable grounds for it, at the time it is made.