Dry spell hits water supply in Nelson

  • 17/12/2017
The restrictions will be in place from Monday.
The restrictions will be in place from Monday. Photo credit: file

Water restrictions will be introduced in Nelson as the dry spell continues to take a toll on city water supplies.

The restrictions will be in place from Monday with odd numbered houses only allowed to use sprinklers on odd days and vice versa for even numbered houses.

A council spokesperson told RNZ that a long, dry summer has been forecast and water restrictions were needed now to ensure long-term water supply for essential use.

A number of cities across New Zealand are feeling the pinch of an early, hot summer that is drying up water reservoirs.

Tauranga City Council announced on Saturday morning a ban on sprinklers, watering hard surfaces and restricting garden watering to certain times of the day.

It is the first time in 17 years Tauranga has had to use restrictions to conserve the water supply.

A residential ban on sprinklers and irrigation systems was introduced in Wellington two weeks ago while Christchurch City Council is still undecided on implementing water restrictions.

Rainfall on Wednesday provided relief to the cities but it is uncertain whether that will be enough to alleviate the strain on water supplies.