Quarter of Kiwi girls asked for nudes in last year

One in four Kiwi teenage girls have been asked to share nude photos of themselves in the past year, a new report has found.

The survey of "sexting" habits among Kiwi teens aged 14-17 also found one in seven boys were asked to send a nude or nearly nude picture.

However, just four percent of the teens actually sent the pictures, according to the findings by online safety group Netsafe.

"What we've found in the research is that although teens are being asked for nude images, only a minority are actually sending them," the group's chief executive Martin Cocker said on Wednesday.

"Sending nude images in itself is often not the problem, it's what can happen once those images leave your control."

He urged parents to talk to their children because it was important they understood the potential risks before making a decision to engage in this kind of behaviour.

This was especially important given about half of the kids surveyed believed the sharing of nude images happened "often" or "very often".

"The research shows young people may feel pressure to send these images as they believe sending nudes is commonplace, but it's important to let them know that this actually isn't the case," Mr Cocker said.

Netsafe's research into teenage "sexting" in New Zealand was conducted in conjunction with the Ministry for Women's "Insights into digital harm: The online lives of girls and boys" report released last week.

The Ministry report found many young people preferred to talk to a friend rather than their parents or teachers because of concern they would be judged.

The report also found girls reported being at higher risk of bullying in group chats, having hate pages created about them or receiving unwanted nude images or having their own images shared without their consent.