Tokelau to get better internet, new wharf

  • 07/12/2017
Tokelau currently has unreliable satellite internet.
Tokelau currently has unreliable satellite internet. Photo credit: File

The Government is putting up nearly $16 million for a new wharf and internet upgrades on Tokelau.

The self-governing island is a New Zealand dependent territory and Foreign Minister Winston Peters says it's incredibly remote.

"It has no air services so is dependent on ships to get to and from its nearest neighbour Samoa, around 500km away," he said.

"To transfer off the ships and onto the shore, passengers and cargo must take small barges and go through narrow channels cut into the coral reef."

Mr Peters says the ship to shore infrastructure is in bad shape and the transfers are difficult and dangerous.

The island's current satellite internet is slow and unreliable.

"Faster internet will help us deliver better communications, improved health and education services... these investments represent New Zealand's firm commitment to improving opportunities for our citizens in Tokelau."

The total cost is $15.8m.