Tauranga - Latest News and Headlines

The plane circled above Tauranga Airport for an hour and a half.

Air NZ defends 'horrible' handling of stricken Tauranga flight

A spokesperson says pilots did keep passengers updated, all the while landing the plane safely.


'It was horrible' - Passengers lash out at crew on stricken Tauranga flight

But the airline says pilots followed standard operating procedures.


Circling Air NZ flight lands safely at Tauranga Airport

The aircraft had been circling the airport for around an hour.


Search and rescue drill accidentally rescues lost trampers

During a routine exercise, a Tauranga team stumbled upon the disoriented group.

Hundreds of people from Tauranga iwi took part in a hikoi to Parliament on Tuesday.

Tauranga iwi protest Govt plans to reassign their land

Hundreds took part in the march timed to coincide with a Supreme Court hearing.

The majority of residents voted against the idea in a recent referendum.

Still hope for Tauranga museum - councillor

The majority of residents voted against the idea in a recent referendum.


Tauranga community surprises Commonwealth Games athlete after his car was stolen

Ben O'Dea says it's "heartwarming".

Official Information Act documents obtained by NZME found the police car, whose warrant expired five days before the pursuit, had brake and seatbelt defects.

Mother lays complaint over WOF-less police car in son's fatal pursuit

The Independent Police Conduct Authority said the lack of WOF was an "oversight".

Omanawa Falls in the Bay of Plenty.

Body found at Omanawa Falls, near Tauranga

It's believed to be that of an international student who went missing on Sunday.

Kiwi golfer Mark Brown.

Kiwi golfer cards 59 at Tauranga - again

This is the second time Mark Brown has shot a 59 round.


Tauranga photographer to document women's trauma in new book

Charmaine Marinkovich wants to remind females going through hard times "they're not alone".


'Phenomenal' emotional toll after Tauranga homes declared uninhabitable

"We've got two young kids - we want to start our lives," one distraught homeowner said.


Truck vs motorcycle crash in Tauranga

The motorcyclist has died.

The mound has capacity for about 3800 people.

Tsunami high-ground unveiled in Papamoa

It's the first of four planned tsunami evacuation areas in the Tauranga area.


Patched gang members insult, threaten James Rolleston

Disturbing video has been published online showing the confrontation.

The incident occurred near Port of Tauranga.

Police investigating body found on train in Tauranga

The KiwiRail train had just arrived from Auckland when it was found.

The 79-year-old suffers from dementia and wandered away from her home.

WanderSearch pendant saves missing woman's life

The 79-year-old suffers from dementia and wandered away from her home.

A look inside the yacht's lavish interior.

Inside the extravagant superyacht docked in Tauranga

The 74-metre boat, worth up to NZ$54 million, has spared no expense.

Data shows it's now easier to get meth than cannabis in New Zealand.

It's much easier to get P than cannabis in NZ - study

Police have launched a taskforce in Tauranga to combat the country's meth problem.

Comanchero Australia gang patch

Organised Aussie gangs target Tauranga

A new police task force set up in the city is New Zealand's first outside Auckland and Wellington.