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New Brigton pier restoration nearing completion

The $10 million project began in February and is on track for completion by April next year.

Christ Church Cathedral.

Eerie footage captures Christchurch cathedral damage

Six years ago, this was how the world learnt of the big quake.


Christchurch welcomes long-awaited rain

The long, hot dry spell in Christchurch has finally come to an end.

Christchurch residents are hoping for rain after a record-breaking dry spell.

Christchurch's record-breaking dry spell

MetService says the lack of rain doesn't bode well for the city.

Police last week announced they would not to lay charges over the building's collapse.

'The families will not be silenced'

Families of some of those killed in Christchurch's CTV building collapse will protest on Sunday.

The fire covers 300m by 100m and is contained.

Scrub fire near Christchurch treated as suspicious

A fire burning in scrub on Coutts Island Road near Christchurch is contained.


How the heatwave affects your body's organs

"Our bodies are really struggling at the moment because the temperatures have increased so quickly."

150 years ago, the tunnel was the longest in New Zealand.

Lyttelton Rail Tunnel celebrates 150th anniversary

Workers drill through the side of an extinct volcano, a world first, 15 decades ago.

The region was adjusting to a new normal.

A 'new normal' in post-quake Christchurch

The wellbeing of Christchurch residents is on the rise and stress is decreasing post-quake, according to a new survey.


Several hospitalised after dramatic rescue on Sumner beach

Three people have been taken to hospital with serious injuries.

David Clark says the world has "moved on" from water tanks and untreated water supplies.

Tank water no longer good enough - Health Minister

The Health Minister is expecting councils to "step up" and fix their water supplies.

The collapse of the Christchurch CTV building killed 115 people.

CTV families could get non-prosecution decision overturned

"We believe the police's decision not to prosecute anyone was wrong."

Mr Tanielu says there is real hope in the communities but they need systemic help.

Low-income communities 'forgotten'

A study found the communities were often not heard when it came to decision-making.

Two thirds of Christchurch Adventure Park's trees were destroyed in the Port Hills fire.

Christchurch Adventure Park finally reopens

Two thirds of the forest was destroyed in February's Port Hills fires.


Water troubles could continue as summer hits early

Napier is no longer critically low on water, but other areas are also being warned to conserve.

11 homes were destroyed in the blaze.

Adventure Park destroyed by Port Hills fires back in action

The Christchurch park will look different to how locals remember it 10 months ago.

With temperatures only set to increase, these are the best places to take a dip.

New Zealand's best secret beaches

Looking for cool place to take dip?

Canterbury Museum

Canterbury Museum marks 150th anniversary

The Air NZ exhibition and Fred and Myrtle Flutey's Paua Shell House are popular attractions.

The North Island hasn't reached the same high temperatures.

Summer turns up the heat in Christchurch

As summer kicks off, Christchurch has seen a few days of warm weather with Saturday reaching 30degC.


Body found in Christchurch hedge

Police say they were called at around 9am Saturday morning to the scene on Moorhouse Ave.