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Child Abuse

Sins of the State 37 minutes ago

Mike Wesley Smith speaks with 'Earl', who was sexually abused in state care as a child. This is his story of the decades spent fighting to get justice.

Child Abuse

Californian captives taste freedom for the first time

Here's how the Turpin children, rescued last month from their house of horrors, have adapted.

Child Abuse

State abuse survivor: 'We finally have a Government willing to do what's right'

Keith Wiffin suffered abuse as a 10-year-old in state care. He talks about what the Royal Commission means to him.

Child Abuse

To The Point: The Royal Commission of Inquiry

Labour has created a Royal Commission to look into abuse, so what will it actually do?

Benito Gutierrez, 69, and Carol Gutierrez, 64, are facing charges of child abuse.

Second house of horrors discovered

Four children in Arizona were locked up with no food or water.

Keith Wiffen suffered months of abuse while in state care in Lower Hutt.

Royal Commission of Inquiry gives hope to state abuse survivor

Keith Wiffen suffered months of abuse as a child in state care.

One of the photos that a Walmart employee flagged as pornographic.

US couple's kids taken away after bath photos reported

A Walmart employee flagged the family's holiday snaps as pornographic.

Catholics demonstrate in Osorno, Chile.

Pope defends bishop accused of covering up sex crimes

The Pope's remarks drew shock from Chileans and immediate rebuke from victims.

David and Louise Turpin have been accused of abuse and torture.

Starving kids was dad's 'power trip'

A California couple have been accused of beating, shackling and abusing their 13 children - for years.

Tracey Martin.

Ministry for Children no longer 'vulnerable'

The change, announced in December, will officially take effect on Thursday.

Child Abuse

'We never saw the kids' - California horror house neighbours

Thirteen siblings were found starved and chained to beds.

Child Abuse

Children found trapped by parents in California home

The 13 victims ranged in age from two to 29.

Child Abuse

Pakistan protests after 7yo's rape, murder

The public is outraged - but her family doubts justice will be done.

It is currently winter in Japan.

Woman freezes to death in Japan

She was abused by her parents and imprisoned in a small room.

Bernard Law archbishop

Disgraced archbishop Bernard Law dies

As Archbishop of Boston, he covered up for paedophile priests.

8,000 people gave testimony of abuse in religious institutions.

Calls for New Zealand child abuse inquiry after damning Australian report

Eight thousand people gave testimony of abuse in religious institutions.

Duncan Garner became emotional speaking about covering the story.

Duncan Garner opens up on pain of covering Moko's death

"[Chelsea] rang me to tell me her story. It was deeply upsetting - for 20 minutes I cried with her."

Moko Rangitoheriri died in 2015.

NZ ignored systems to fight child neglect - Commissioner

Andrew Becroft says fixing NZ's horrific child abuse statistics won't require reinventing the wheel.

Moko Rangitoheriri.

Coroner calls for childcare revamp after brutal Moko death

Wallace Bain thought he had already seen his worst abuse case - he was wrong.

A New Zealand man is currently before the courts in relation to the investigation that triggered the operation in the Philippines.

NZ Police help free children in Philippines from sexual exploitation

The abuse of the children was being livestreamed to international subscribers.