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Evidence seize in the Waikato raid.

Waikato Police sting finds drugs sold near kindergarten

The property also had gang regalia displayed and an illegal shotgun.


Seven arrested after sting on meth and cannabis network

They had set up sophisticated indoor cannabis-growing systems.

Woman gets arrested, regrets it

How one small action ruined these people's lives

All it takes is one really bad decision.


Science's best tunes for 'magic' mushrooms

The playlist is designed to guide the user through their trip gracefully.

Model Bella Thorne gave a tribute to her former boyfriend on social media after his death.

Lil Peep's death now being treated as 'suspicious'

Police are looking into troubling messages sent hours before he died.


Timbaland opens up about OxyContin addiction

He nearly died three years ago after a near-lethal dose.


High levels of meth found in Whangarei water

It reflects a high usage of the illicit drug in the town.

Samantha Cox's alleged drug use was caught on camera.

Teacher filmed snorting cocaine in class

A student caught her on camera hiding in the corner of the classroom.


Police took 3700 illegal DNA samples

Police used a faulty form in the criminal cases which did not make clear the rights of the accused.


Man ends police chase with bizarre dance routine

Police had been trying to catch him for traffic violations.


Police seize 49kg of meth in largest South Island drug bust

Two men have been arrested in Christchurch.

Snoop Dogg is a big fan of marijuana.

Cannabis protesters want law stubbed out

Saturday marks 90 years since smoking cannabis was banned in New Zealand, and protests are planned.


Police announce Wellington death linked to synthetic drugs

Police have said there have been a number of incidents involving synthetics in the Wellington region.

At least 46kg of cocaine was seized from a ship from Chile in November.

New Zealand's cocaine problem blows out

Customs has seen a "significant" increase in cocaine smuggling.


Pair arrested for money laundering after seizure of $20m worth of cocaine

Many items were seized including a 2017 Honda Civic.


Mother's horrifying Halloween find

The US woman made a dark discovery in her son's trick-or-treat bag.

Port of Tauranga.

NZ's largest bust nets cocaine worth $20m

It was seized, after four foreigners retrieved the drugs off a ship from Chile.

Around 10 percent of the HMS Vigilant crew have either quit or been kicked out amid the scandal.

Nuclear sub crew fired amid cocaine and sex scandals

It's being called one of the biggest scandals in the UK Royal Navy's history.

Tiger Woods in court.

Tiger Woods pleads guilty to reckless driving

The star golfer was found asleep in May behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz with drugs in his system.

The law might change soon - but there's a lot to consider beforehand.

Cannabis referendum: It's complicated

Whether we should we legalise it is just the beginning.