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Patients arrived in an agitated state, with high blood pressure and an elevated high heart rate.

Flush your dodgy ecstasy, doctors warn

A dodgy batch is doing the rounds, with nine hospitalisations in Christchurch on Saturday night.

The AM Show host Mark Richardson wants NZ to follow in  the Philippines' footsteps.

Deadly night for Filipino drug dealers

Philippine police have killed 10 suspected drug peddlers in a single evening.

An international study has found antidepressants are effective in treating depression in adults.

Antidepressants really do work - study

A study of almost 120,000 patients has found that drugs are effective in relieving depression.

He's calling for an end to "human rights mumbo-jumbo" to get the job done.

Make synthetic drug dealers 'disappear' - Richardson

He's calling for an end to "human rights mumbo-jumbo" to get the job done.

Ministry of Justice figures suggest 30 people died as a result of synthetic drug use in the past nine months.

Bill calls for tougher penalties for synthetics suppliers

New figures suggest 30 people died after synthetic drug use in the past nine months.

The varying strains of synthetics makes the threat of seizures more likely, he said.

Govt inaction on synthetic drugs 'staggering' - doco maker

"This addiction is debilitating - one of our subjects couldn't go for half an hour without smoking synthetics."

The footage also appears to show Rev Stennett Kirby watching porn, discussing escorts, and doing drugs.

British vicar allegedly gets drunk, high in video

He can also be seen watching porn.


Is cannabis decriminalisation ever going to happen?

"You can't just say, 'Cannabis is legal, there are no rules'."

Video: A history of New Zealand's recreational drug use.

OxyContin maker to stop promoting opioids

It follows criticism of the ways that drugmakers market addictive painkillers.

Lamarr Chambers is entering his third week without going to the toilet for Essex Police.

Drug suspect enters third week of self-imposed poo strike

Police have dubbed the man's strike #PooWatch.

Kiwis' drug habits revealed.

MDMA buyers getting more potent alternative

Tests at festivals found would-be ecstasy users weren't getting what they paid for.

There are fears the fentanyl drug epidemic could spread here from overseas.

US opioid epidemic alarming for NZ - report

Local opioid-related deaths have jumped 33 percent from 2001 to 2012.

Medicinal cannabis with extracted oil in a bottle

Greens medicinal cannabis Bill fails at first reading

47 voted for the Bill while 73 voted against.

Journalist Pat Booth

Pioneering investigative journalist Pat Booth dies, aged 87

Mr Booth was instrumental in clearing Arthur Allan Thomas of the Crewe murders in 1980.


Half tonne of drugs seized by NZ Customs, Police last year

More than 100kg of cocaine was recovered from January to November.

Police stand outside Forró do Gago nightclub in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza.

Gunmen kill 14 in Brazil club

At least another six people were injured and are hospitalised.


Kiwis' role in billion-dollar high seas drug bust

The raids will be a big hit to terror organisations, the head of NZ's naval fleet says.

Shot alcohol

'Date rape' drug briefly paralyses Aussie man

He accepted a shot from a stranger, and ended up in hospital.

Driving while drunk is easy to detect - driving while stoned isn't always.

Why roadside testing for cannabis might not work

The Govt is open to the idea, but scientists are warning it's not as easy as it sounds.

Bathtub with high heels shoes in bathroom

This cannabis-infused bath soak is supposed to reduce stress and anxiety

And there's a Mary Jane-infused bath bomb on the way.