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Just 12 percent of New Zealand's primary school teachers are men.

Lack of male teachers means boys are missing out - principal

Just 12 percent of primary school teachers are men.

Huhana Lyndon

'Northland Māori don't just want jobs, we want careers'

New initiative encourages students to consider a wider range of post-school options.


Auckland Boys' student wins $50k science prize

17-year-old Jonathan Chan created a spider web-like mesh to collect fog.

School exam

Auckland rally to support retention of charter schools

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has introduced a Bill that would prevent future partnership schools.

Alwyn Poole of Villa Education Trust says he feels blindsided by the Govt.

Scrapping charter schools a 'massacre of opportunity' - Seymour

The ACT leader say it's "heartbreaking" the Govt is changing things for "petty, ideological, utu reasons".

Kowhai Intermediate School, Auckland.

Auckland school asks parents to ban kids from social media

The intermediate wants a no-phone policy to extend to home.


Study finds 'disturbing' racism in NZ schools

Many of the 1700 students surveyed felt they were "being treated unequally because of their culture".

They face being re-assessed in three months to see what they've learnt.

Otago children face life or death water survival training

They face being re-assessed in three months to see what they've learnt.

$300 for a Kings blazer, $20 for an Otahuhu bucket hat.

From Kings to Otahuhu - how much you'll pay for a school uniform

$300 for a Kings blazer, $20 for an Otahuhu bucket hat.


Teacher shortage crisis will take years to recover from - Principals Federation

Principals Federation president says teaching profession is "battered and bruised".

The Education Minister says schools shouldn't be profiting from sky-high uniform prices.

School uniform prices should be lowered - Education Minister

Chris Hipkins says schools that profit from expensive uniform sales defeat the purpose of a free education.


'Free' education becomes increasingly costly in NZ

Sending your child to state school could cost you $40,000.

The cost of uniforms, extra-curricular activities, textbooks, technology and transport adds up.

The cost of education - good news and bad for parents

A 'free' education is anything but.

Almost a fifth of primary school teachers and half of high school teachers quit within five years.

Half of all high school teachers quit within 5 years

Overworked, underpaid and lacking support, many teachers are leaving the profession early.

Principals say the nationwide teacher shortage has reached a crisis point.

More than 17,000 NZ students don't have teachers

Two weeks out from the first day back at school, the nationwide teacher shortage has reached crisis point.

Teachers protested the difficult of the NCEA maths exam.

Maths students do better than expected in exam from hell

Provisional results for the NCEA exam compared favourably with previous years.

NCEA results came out on Tuesday.

NCEA results come out today

Students will soon find out if they've made it into their chosen university.

The teacher said, because he didn't have much money, he took the toys home for his son to play with.

Teacher sanctioned for stealing toys from Lower Hutt kindergarten

He took the toys home for his children to play with.


Bullies need 'change in attitude'

An autistic boy's had to fight the authorities to get him out of a school where he was constantly abused.


Landlords hiking rents after students' living costs allowance increases - Union

"We're at the whim of landlords at this stage because of the housing crisis."