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Auckland café failed to pay workers minimum wage

The migrant workers were also denied contracts and correct holiday pay, the Employment Relations Authority ruled.

Robbie Rietbroek, chief executive of PepsiCo for Australia and New Zealand.

Why this Pepsi boss has a 'leave loudly' policy

The chief executive wants to encourage flexible working hours.

An Asian customer noticed the receipt read "Ching Chong" instead of her name.

NYC restaurant fires server who put racist slur on receipt

An Asian customer noticed the receipt read "Ching Chong" instead of her name.

Prison abolitionist group No Pride in Prisons.

Prisons a 'warehouse for the poor'

An anti-prison lobby group says the Government is protecting the "privileged" by throwing the poor behind bars.

Mark Cropp got his facial tattoo while drunk in prison.

Mark Cropp to keep 'DEVAST8' facial tattoo

After just one free laser removal session, the ex-inmate has changed his mind.

Workplace absences are down from last year but stress levels are up.

Pulling sickies costs country $1.5b

6.6 million working days are also lost according to the latest survey.

Iain Lees-Galloway  said National have failed to engage on the immigration debate.

Migrants' wages no proxy for skills - Labour

Labour says using migrants' wages as a proxy for skills is a "poor policy".

Mark Cropp got his facial tattoo while in prison.

Ex-inmate with 'DEVAST8' facial tattoo accepts job offer

After a public plea for employment, Mark Cropp had 45 jobs to choose from.

IRD restructure could affect up to 4000 staff, says union

They have serious concerns for thousands of staff working for Inland Revenue

Two men talking by office window

IRD meetings ahead of possible job cuts

About 1500 jobs may go at the tax department.

Unhealthy food concept - sugar in carbonated drink. Sugar cubes as background and canned drink

Kiwi workers drinking litres of energy drinks

An employer has reached out on Facebook for advice on how to get workers to cut down.

Luke McCormack is being "judged" because of his facial tattoos.

Dad covered in facial tattoos wants you to stop judging

"I'm a single dad trying to do right by my son."

Tattoo artist

Ex-inmate with facial tattoo says he's close to accepting job

Mark Cropp has had dozens of offers since posting a plea to Facebook last week.

ECG heart

Too long at work is bad for the heart - study

Work long hours and you could be putting your heart at risk, a new study has found.

Otago University.

Cuts risk university's future - union

Union members plan to work to highlight the detrimental impact of Otago University staff cuts.

Dunedin, University

University of Otago planning to cut 182 jobs

It could save the University more than $16 million a year.

Mark Cropp DEVAST8 facial tattoo

Don't expect the public to look past your huge facial tattoo

Why is Mark Cropp so genuinely surprised he can't get a job, wonders Mark Sainsbury.

Prime Minister Bill English said the policy will match unemployed young people with employers in the regions.

Govt announces $50 million to support unemployed youth

The policy is aimed at getting them into work or training.

Ms Parker was pleasantly surprised by her CEO's response.

CEO's amazing response to mental health days

He said the employee was "an example to us all".

"After nine years of National, working people's share of the economy is falling," Mr Little said.

Labour promises boost to minimum wage

The party is also planning changes to the 90-day-trial law.