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Former Calendar Girls stripper Jessica Clifford has revealed some of the demands on workers.

Strict list of demands for Calendar Girls strippers revealed

The strippers face $100 fines for wearing G-strings instead of going nude.


Jobs brazenly advertised for less than minimum wage

"I am willing to take bullet after bullet until this changes," an activist says.

There are loopholes in NZ's parental leave laws.

Men should take more paternity leave - report

It could help to close the gender pay gap.

Irritated businesswoman holding paper, disagrees with bad contract terms, refuses to sign document, has questions claims to agreement conditions, boss dissatisfied with report or written work result

Why you should discuss pay with colleagues

"I think there is fear, and a culture of secrecy that fed that fear."

Kirk Hope spoke to The AM Show on Wednesday.

Kiwis should have major concerns over Employment Bill - Business NZ

Kirk Hope says it will allow "10 percent of the workforce to dictate pay and conditions".

SAP says autistic people add enormous value to the workforce and boost innovation.

Why more employers are looking for workers with autism

SAP says autistic people add enormous value to the workforce and boost innovation.

Paul Kelly is taking his employees to Vegas.

Christchurch businessman shouts entire staff to Las Vegas trip

"I think [I did it] because nobody ever did it for me when I worked for them."


Only 10 percent of jobs will be lost to AI - report

It says the job losses will be less than imagined - but some experts disagree.

The United Nations is investigating the allegations.

UN investigates sexual misconduct allegations of Fiji staff

A UN worker says two men have been suspended.

Kim Dotcom has put the call out for a range of jobs at his Queenstown mansion.

Dotcom puts call out for live-in DJ, chef

You would get to live in his new Queenstown mansion.

McDonald's has promised to make its world-famous Happy Meals healthier by 2022.

McDonald's NZ responds to claim it withheld $9m from workers

Unite Union says the fast food chain deliberately flouted the Holidays Act.

Video: Will your job be replaced by artificial intelligence?

Having a job the best way for graduates to get a job - expert

Kiwi researcher Dr Richard Norman says his research proves work experience is overwhelmingly the most important factor.

Leaked emails to Elon Musk's employees revealed his top tips to succeed in the workplace.

Elon Musk tells his employees how to succeed at work

Advice includes walking out of boring meetings.

Under-reporting incomes is costing New Zealand $800m every year

Self-employed Kiwis hiding an epic $800m in tax each year

IRD says the massive shortfall is due to under-reporting income by 20%

A businessperson pointing at somebody's bum.

Worker loses $1.9m bullying case over employer's farts

He said the act was done with malice - but the judge rejected his claim.

General Motors South Korea trashed their Chief Executives office after they found out they would not earn a bonus.

GM Korea employees trash CEO's office over bonuses dispute

The company says it will take legal action over the incident.

a Young pregnant woman working late in bed.

Kiwi sex workers at risk after classifieds website shut down

The FBI seized Backpage.com on Friday and it's already making sex workers' lives harder.

Couple toasting with wine in cafe

Christchurch restaurateur banned from employing staff, fined $20k

It's the first ban of its kind after he consistently breached employment law.


Tauranga woman awarded $15k despite throwing coffee at co-worker

She argued she had been constructively dismissed following the incident.

Most of the falls came in three short bursts between 1982-1984, 1992-1995, and 1999-2002.

Hard-working Kiwis getting less of the pie - report

Kiwi workers are pocketing less of NZ's national income than ever before.