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The teen cowered after being hit in the face.

Gang member bashes would-be car thief

A video showing a gang member beating a teen in the head has been viewed several hundred thousand times.

The revelation came about during a trial into the death of Jindarat Prutsiriporn.

VTNZ 'disappointed' by former employee's 'serious breach'

An ex-staffer leaked personal information about a police informant to the Head Hunters gang.


Car boot death trial: Six jailed

Jindarat Prutsiriporn fell bound and gagged from the car boot.

Three kilos of P and 2,200 tabs of LSD were seized.

Police arrest Mongrel Mobsters in Hawke's Bay's largest ever meth bust

Three kilos of P and 2,200 tabs of LSD were seized.


Electoral commission staff to visit Mongrel Mob headquarters

The commission wants everyone to vote, "regardless of criminal affiliations."

BIll English was forced to revoke Paula Bennett's comments.

Lawyers condemn Paula Bennett

Her view that some Kiwis have "fewer human rights" than others has been condemned by the NZ Bar Association.

Bill English says Paula Bennett was "not right".

Bennett 'not right' on human rights - English

She said some Kiwis have "fewer human rights than others". Her boss says that's not quite right.

Freshly Caught Crayfish; Kaikoura, New Zealand

Stolen Northland crayfish linked to the meth trade

The seafood is being exchanged with Auckland gangs for drugs.

Mission Bay in Auckland was the scene of an alleged kidnapping.

Auckland man's fury with police after alleged kidnapper let loose

The man has described how a visit to Mission Bay became a night of terror.


Drugs, gangs not ruled out in double death

Raymond and James Fleet were found in dense bush north-east of Rotorua.

Donald Trump speaks to police.

Police cheer as Trump tells them to be 'rough'

"Please don't be too nice," he told the crowd.


Northland gangs respond to Shane Jones 'drop a nuke' threat

They say he's going for the redneck vote.

Shane Jones.

Drop a nuke on gangs - Shane Jones

Saturday's gang boxing night was a missed opportunity to 'get rid of them all in one go', he says.

Boxing red vs blue

Gang boxing night: Few arrests, violence kept in the ring

Police say it was a wet but quiet night at a gang-organised boxing event.

Boxing gloves

Police to monitor gang boxing night

Organisers are hoping the inaugural Te Tai Tokerau Fight Night will diffuse gang tensions.

Mongrel Mob and Black Power altercation

Mongrel Mob members run out of petrol, knock on rival gang's door

After their car ran out of gas, the gang members faced a nasty surprise.

Inspector Anaru Pewhairangi.

Rotorua's first-ever Māori district commander hits the beat

He's invited rival gang leaders from Black Power and the Mongrel Mob to a hui.

The attack took place the night before the pair were due to tie the knot.

Christchurch bride goes on knife-hunt for groom night before wedding

Three others were injured as she tried to find her fiancé.

Friday's 8am news bulletin on The Am Show.

Shotgun held to man's neck in front of son

Gang members pulled the trigger on the unloaded shotgun before laughing and driving away.


Anti-P Tribal Huk gang leader sentenced on weapons charges

He told P dealers to get out of Ngaruawahia last year.