Heidi Lilley, 54, and Kia Sinclair, 23, are taking their city to court over their right to go topless.

Women taking city to court over right to go topless

They say it's discriminatory that men can be shirtless, but women can't.


Swedish law change would mean sex accused have to prove consent

It's got the PM's support.

Watch Mark Richardson admit he's in the wrong.

Mark Richardson apologises for breaking road rules

"Ignorance is no defence in the law," he says.

Close-up of a hunter loading his rifle.

Gun policy expert likens Kiwi gun laws to US

Police have seized close to 6000 guns since 2012.

The law might change soon - but there's a lot to consider beforehand.

Cannabis referendum: It's complicated

Whether we should we legalise it is just the beginning.

The MyAdvice.Legal website.

A lawyer in your pocket

A new online platform that helps Kiwis access specialist lawyers has just been launched.


TPPA to be negotiated on the eve of election

The timing of the meeting has been labelled 'unacceptable' by a law expert.

Jeanne Denham

Lawyer guilty of misconduct after trying to destroy husband's career

Jeanne Denham worked with the Whale Oil blog to try and bring down the then-principal of Kristin School.

david bain trial

Bain case gave NZ 'black eye'

Justice Ian Binnie slams the handling of David Bain's murder case as 'deficient' and 'unfair'.

The bill is likely to pass through Germany's upper house next week.

Germany legalises gay marriage

It comes days after Chancellor Angela Merkel dropped her opposition vote.

The Prime Minister said while 80 percent of what the Government had been doing around social related services was working, there was still a "big chunk" of services that were failing.

Bill English on family violence: 'Sometimes I think we service misery'

The PM says we need to new ways to address the problem.


Is plain packaging set to be introduced on tobacco products?

It's hoped that a landmark win in Australia will speed up the process in New Zealand.

Kurt Eichenwald

Animated GIF a 'deadly weapon' - US jury

A journalist was allegedly sent a strobing image in an attempt to cause an epileptic seizure.

Ganges river

India follows NZ, grants rights to rivers

The Ganges has been granted the same legal rights as humans.


Whanganui River is now a person - legally

It comes as a treaty settlement bill was passed on Wednesday afternoon.

Oklahoma Republican Justin Humphrey (Facebook)

'Irresponsible' pregnant women are 'hosts' to babies - Republican

He says current abortion laws have led to a "breakdown in society".


Police considering specific hate crime law

The Police Commissioner says hate crimes are on the rise and they will consider new laws to tackle this.


Toddler given cannabis oil: 'We'd do it again'

Nessie was given cannabis oil at just 18 months old.


Celebrant wants the right to refuse marrying same-sex couples

She thinks the rules are unfair.


Iran punishes acid attack woman with eye for an eye

She'll be blinded in one eye after her victim was left sightless.