Christchurch District Court

Rakesh Chawdhry (centre) is accused of assaulting the men over a four-year period.

Christchurch doctor denies indecently assaulting male patients

Rakesh Chawdry is accused of assaulting the men over a four-year period.

Theresa Soper's parties attracted up to 400 teenagers, some as young as 16.

Christchurch party mum charged by police

Police dispersed 200 teens from Theresa Soper's Halloween party.

Christchurch, Crime

Seven years' jail and deportation for rape

Parampreet Singh, 27, and Amritpal Singh, 25, were sentenced in the Christchurch District Court on Thursday.

Hudson received $246,871 between August 2000 and November 2015.

Christchurch grandma jailed for $250k benefit fraud

She neglected to disclose a change in her relationship status.

Christchurch, Court

Canterbury company fined $157k after workplace accident

It's one of the first punishments under the new Health and Safety act.

Court, Christchurch

Man changes plea for threatening MP

He claims he did not hear his charge read out in court, due to damaged eardrums.

Court, Christchurch

Murder accused abused in court

One of the accused looked towards the family of the victim with a smile on his face.

Police, Scribe

Warrant out for Scribe's arrest, again

He failed to show in the Christchurch District Court on Wednesday.

Christchurch, Airlines

Drunk airline passenger sentenced to 12 months supervision

She spat in the face of a flight attendant on a flight from Auckland to Christchurch in May.

Christchurch District Court

Scribe remanded on bail on five charges

His lawyer says he didn’t appear in Christchurch yesterday because he was stuck in Wellington.

The father was discharged without convection in the Christchurch District Court on Friday.

Father discharged without conviction for daughter's accidental death

Emily Saunders' body was never found.

Christchurch District Court

Officer breaks down in 2yo death trial

Constable Jackie Fyfe was the first to arrive after the toddler was shot at close range.

Christchurch, Court

Homeless man jailed for pretending to be gynaecologist

He conducted an "examination" on a 19-year-old woman.

Christchurch, District Court

Mum shows support for son from her coffin

Despite her death, she still showed up to her son's court hearing in Christchurch.

Lee Dixon has pleaded guilty to importing 6kg of cocaine (Getty)

Lengthy prison term for importing cocaine

A Canterbury man has been charged with importing cocaine worth more than $2 million.

Christchurch District Court

Ashburton farmer jailed for eight years for bashing ex-partner

Chris Buick bashed his pregnant ex-partner with a baseball bat because she wanted to keep the baby.

Christchurch District Court (File)

Brawl in court in Christchurch murder case

Tensions ran high as the pair faced court for a man's death.


Christchurch businessman facing underage sex charges

John Michael Condon faces 13 charges.


Plucky pair walk straight into trouble after burglary

A man and woman charged with burgling a restaurant right next to a police station.

Lana Tutty has a warrant out for her arrest (Facebook)

'Seriously, again?' - Southland teen on the run, again

Lana Tutty, 17, has taunted police while on the run in Southland.