Kaikoura - Latest News and Headlines

A report has revealed illegal fishing activity from 2011.

Report reveals illegal Kaikoura fishing activity

It details unlawful dumping and "virtually non-existent" marine mammal catch reporting.

The Hikurangi margin marks where the Indo-Australian and Pacific plates collide.

How the Kaikoura quake wiped out an ecosystem

But at the same time, delivered what it will need to recover.

A still from video of the mysterious lights shows an odd shape.

Kaikōura UFO mystery still flummoxing locals 40 years on

Three bright lights appeared in the sky in 1978 - and the Govt's explanations still don't add up.

Alex Mackle was killed on Friday evening in a farm incident.

Young boy killed in farm accident before he could celebrate his birthday

"He loved his family and friends."

A nine-year-old boy died in a farm incident on Friday night near Kaikoura.

9yo boy killed in farm incident near Kaikoura

His death has been referred to the Coroner.

Between eight and 10 quakes measuring 7.5 or above have struck the Hikurangi subduction zone in the past 7000 years.

Megathrust earthquakes: Scientists drill for the truth

Is there truth to reports 12m waves "will CRUSH New Zealand"?


4.7-magnitude earthquake rattles Kaikoura

The quake was only 9km deep, and 5km northwest of the township.

'Rocky' was blown up while State Highway 1 north and south of Kaikoura was closed.

Kaikoura's dangling boulder 'Rocky' blown up

SH1 was reopened after its destruction.


Regions continue Cyclone Gita clean up

Golden Bay, Kaikōura and Taranaki all sustained damage in Tuesday's cyclone.

Close-up view of a stack of folded newspapers against a white background

Loss of local papers devastating for small towns

A Kaikōura resident laments losing an important piece of history.


Man stabbed to death at Kaikoura holiday park

His wife has been arrested.

Kaikoura's SH1 after the earthquake in November 2016.

NZ not prepared for another big quake - research

The focus is now on preparing Wellington for recovery, should disaster strike.


Kaikoura seabed to be re-mapped

The seabed was lifted during the November 2016 earthquake.

Wild weather has wreaked havoc.

Ferocious waves smash sea wall blocks across highway

Images show the giant blocks being wrenched from their positions in Kaikoura.

Wild weather has wreaked havoc across the North Island.

As it happened: Huge storm moves down the country

Meanwhile thousands in the North Island are still waiting for power to return.

SH1 near Kaikoura re-opened only a few weeks ago.

Weather forces closure of newly re-opened SH1

It's only three weeks since SH1 near Kaikoura was re-opened following the 2016 quake.

Their visits remain one of New Zealand's biggest mysteries.

Will the UFOs return to Kaikoura?

It's almost 40 years since one of NZ's eeriest moments.


Kaikōura businesses reaping the rewards of reopened SH1

The highway to the town had been closed for more than a year.

The demolition was expected to take about six weeks, a spokesman for owner CentrePort said.

Demolition of Statistics building begins

Demolition work has begun on Wellington's Statistics House, which was damaged during last year's Kaikōura earthquake.

The highway reopened for the first time since the earthquake in 2016.

Thousands pour across rebuilt Kaikōura highway

The highway reopened for the first time since the earthquake in 2016.