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Frankton Bay, Lake Wakatipu is contaminated with high E.coli levels.

High E.coli levels found at Lake Wakatipu

Public advised not to swim in the Frankton area.

The Kingston Flyer has steamed up for the first time since 2013.

Big plans ahead for the Kingston Flyer

It's full-steam ahead.

Some freedom campers have been accused of using NZ like their own personal toilet.

Not all freedom campers are a menace - tourism group

A few bad apples are ruining it for everyone, says Regional Tourism New Zealand.


Hotel balcony fire in Queenstown

One person has been treated for smoke inhalation.


Country feels heatwave's effects

Forecasters expect the heat to get worse before any respite.

Freedom campers have been banned from camping at Lake Hayes and the Shotover Delta in the Queenstown Lakes Districts.

Freedom campers banned from Queenstown hotspots

"They're using the area as a giant toilet," says the Mayor.

Search efforts for missing American tourist Tyler Nii have been suspended.

Police searching to a depth taller than the Sky Tower

Nii family thankful for search efforts and community support.

A French freedom camper was caught defecating on a Dunedin street early last year.

Campers use Queenstown as 'a giant toilet'

Freedom campers are leaving their mark on NZ's favourite tourist town - and it's got locals in a stink.


Queenstown fires fought from above

Helicopters were kept busy with three fires on Friday night.

These scammers picked the wrong target..

Revenge of the nerds

Queenstown IT expert Eden Brackstone turned the tables by scamming a would-be hacker.


Arrowtown residents left shaken by dramatic crash

The driver was left with serious injuries after they pulled out in front of a truck.

American tourist Tyler Nii, 27,  from California, disappeared in Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, last Wednesday.

Operations resume at Queenstown skydive company after death

American tourist remains missing as jumps start up again at Queenstown skydive company

"If you can't be bothered getting off your cellphone, we can't be bothered serving you. Sorry."

Queenstown dairy owners ban customers on cellphones

"They'd point at the cigarettes or at the EFTPOS machine. They'd just point."

The Police National Dive Squad is due to start work on finding and recovering the body of American tourist Tyler Nii in Lake Wakatipu.

Search begins for US skydiver at Lake Wakatipu

The man is presumed to have drowned in a skydiving accident.

Temperatures in New Zealand's deep south could read near record levels.

Lower South Island to reach near-record temperatures

Invercargill, Alexandra, and Gore are expected to top 30degC on Sunday.


Lake depth an issue for body recovery

The depth of Lake Wakatipu is going to make recovery of the body of American tourist Tyler Nii difficult.

The company involved in the jump suspended skydiving operations.

Missing skydiver was young California man

Police have named the tourist who plunged into Lake Wakatipu with his tandem skydiving instructor.


How boaties, helicopter pilot saved Queenstown skydiver

"If it happens to me, I hope like heck someone does the same."

The pair landed in Lake Wakatipu on Wednesday.

Skydiving passenger remains missing

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission has opened an inquiry.


Passenger still missing after skydiving accident in Queenstown

A skydiving instructor has been rescued, but his passenger remains missing in Lake Wakatipu.