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Aung San Suu Kyi.

Demands Myanmar end Rohingya violence

Attacks by Rohingya militants triggered a crackdown that the UN has branded ethnic cleansing.

Sister Margaret hard at work with her chainsaw.

Chainsaw wielding nun cleans up Miami after hurricane

The Lord works in mysterious ways.


'80s TV star says hurricanes 'God's punishment'

"When he puts his power on display, it's never without reason. There's a purpose."

The ad has sparked a lot of controversy.

Australian lamb ad sparks religious controversy

The ad depicted several gods sitting down to a barbeque

Jesus uses a crucifix as a weapon in the game.

Jesus fights Buddha in controversial new game

Fight of the Gods is being labelled "extremely offensive" and "disrespectful".

Anjum Rahman says Dr Richards' comments are misleading.

Professor's anti-Muslim comments 'dangerous' - Islamic Women's Council

Dr Raymond Richards implied Muslims are less productive employees on account of their prayer schedule.

Pilgrims at Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Pilgrims return to Mecca as hajj winds down

More than 2.3 million people visited Saudi Arabia for the five-day ritual.

Pope Francis.

Pope calls on believers to promote peace

Pope Francis has called on a delegation of South Korean religious leaders to promote reconciliation.

Easter eggs

No change to Easter Sunday trading in Auckland

Auckland Council has overwhelmingly decided against relaxing Easter Sunday trading laws.

Logan Robertson said he's for gay marriage so long as the couples are shot dead immediately after.

Anti-gay Auckland pastor cleared of wrongdoing

Police say Logan Robertson didn't commit a crime by saying homosexuals should be put to death.

West Auckland Pastor Logan Robertson

Hate speech preacher is disgusting but not surprising

We've grown up being told to get back in the kitchen, Verity Johnson says.


West Auckland pastor believes Ardern should 'get back in the kitchen'

His comments about women as second-class citizens have riled many.

Small pieces of bacon were in all the sandwiches.

McDonald's denies tricking Muslims into eating bacon

When they bit into the McChicken burgers, there was a strange "smoky" taste none of them recognised.

St Bartholomew's Church in Kaiapoi

Quake-damaged Kaiapoi church reopens

St Bartholomew's Church is due to be blessed after a year of repairs and restoration work.

Al-Aqsa mosque

Jerusalem mosque crackdown eases violence

The main prayer session at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque has ended more quietly than expected.

Winston Blackmore arrives at the Supreme Court.

Canadian sect leader had 146 children to 24 wives

He's been found guilty of polygamy.

Palestinians outside the al Aqsa mosque.

Israel not budging on mosque metal detectors

"The murderers will never tell us how to search the murderers," said a senior Israeli official.

Church-owned companies like Sanitarium are often accused of not paying their fair share of tax.

No church tax crackdown - Collins

Judith Collins says she has no plans to crack down on charities running businesses and avoiding tax.


Clashes in Jerusalem leave three dead

Palestinian worshippers have clashed with Israeli security forces outside a Jerusalem shrine.


Swanky Auckland suburb opens 'no questions asked' food bank

The Unitarian Church has opened New Zealand's first Little Free Food Pantry.