Dunne: Should there be two national days?

  • 09/02/2016

A party leader has told Parliament that having two national days could be a way out of the trouble and strife at Waitangi.

"I for one don't accept that the best way to celebrate a national day is to protest," United Future's Peter Dunne said today.

"Waitangi Day is for all New Zealanders, it's not just for the hotheads, it's not just for the activists, it's not just for the protesters, it's for all of us."

Mr Dunne said controversy had surrounded Waitangi Day for years, and it was time to take a fresh look at it.

"Every year we have this debate, and every year nothing happens," he said, suggesting party leaders get together to look for a solution.

"It may well be that the outcome is to have two national days - a day we celebrate the signing of the treaty, and a day we set aside to be our national day," he said.

"I for one would scrap Queen's Birthday and turn that into a national day for New Zealand."


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