Newshub poll: Key's popularity plummets to lowest level

  • 24/05/2016
  • By Patrick Gower

John Key's popularity as Prime Minister has dropped to its lowest point since he took office in the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll. 

Just 36.7 percent of those polled listed the current Prime Minister as their preferred option -- down 1.6 percent from a Newshub poll in November.

National though is steady on 47 percent on the poll -- a rise of 0.3 percent -- and similar to the Election night result.


However, National and its support partners would not be able to put together a government -- they would need the support of Winston Peters.

Mr Peters would once again be Kingmaker -- if he sided with Labour and the Greens, they would become the Government.

The preferred Prime Minister poll is not good news for Andrew Little either, he received his lowest ranking since he became leader with just 8.9 percent choosing him as their preferred Prime Minister -- down 1.5 percent.


But coming through the middle and picking up most of those turning away from the leaders of the two biggest parties, Winston Peters -- 12.1 percent want him in the top job -- up 2.8 percent since the last poll. 

The Prime Minister's drop in popularity continues a downward slide -- in January last year he received 44 percent, by May he was down to 39.4 percent, in July that slipped to 38.3 percent. 

September saw him briefly creep back up to 39.5 percent but by November the slip continued to 38.3 percent. 

As for the Labour leader his current rating is the first time he's hit single digits since January last year. 

Labour's Jacinda Ardern laughed off suggestions of Prime Ministerial ambitions when she received a surprise 4.2 rating in the last poll and it appears to have scared off some of those supporters -- she's fallen to 2.6 percent. 


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