Biden told Labour TPPA likely to fail

Annette King meeting Joe Biden (Newshub.)
Annette King meeting Joe Biden (Newshub.)

Deputy Labour leader Annette King says the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is dead, following a meeting with United States Vice President Joe Biden.

"I met with Biden last week and he was very cagey around it but I got the distinct impression they don't really think they'll get it through," she told Newshub's Paul Henry.

It's a different take on the 12-nation free-trade deal compared to Prime Minister John Key, who came out of a meeting with Mr Biden saying it was still possible for the US to rubberstamp the deal before Barack Obama leaves the White House.

The TPP must be passed in the US senate in order to be ratified, and that can only be done under President Obama's administration because neither presidential candidate supports it.

Without the United States, the TPP will likely fall apart unless a new deal without the US can be agreed on.

"Looking at both the presidential candidates, they are against it and I can't see how they're going to get it through and I don't believe they can renegotiate it," Ms King says.

When asked by Paul Henry if the deal is dead, Ms King responded saying "yes, I think it is".

The meeting between Labour MPs and Mr Biden wasn't publicised at the time. However their meeting at Auckland's Government house lasted around 45 minutes and was attended by Ms King, and her colleagues David Shearer and Phil Goff.

Biden told Labour TPPA likely to fail


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