National gets $170k donation boost


The National Party received a donations boost totalling more than $170,000 by five supporters in the last year.

Parties are required to declare donations of more than $30,000 made by the same donor within a year.

Since October last year, National has received payments of between $32,000 and $41,945 from five individuals.

The boost adds up to $173,645 and the individual donations were made by director of Barfoot & Thompson Garth Barfoot, Lady Judi Gallagher, Stonyridge Vineyard, Wayne Wright and Lewis Holdings.

The last such payment to National from an individual was $60,000 from the Gallagher Group in November last year, and before that, $40,000 from Harbour 5 Ltd in 2014.

The Green Party received $283,835.99 from the Estate of Elizabeth Beresford Riddoch in August this year.


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