John Key

Barack Obama is about to make his first visit to New Zealand.

Obama to meet with Ardern and Key 2 hours ago

He'll meet with the Prime Minister in Auckland first thing when he arrives on Wednesday.

Max Key and Renee Brown

Max Key posts romantic Valentine's Day snap with new girlfriend

He says while it's their first Valentine's Day, it won't be their last...

John Key

Why this Aussie model was scared to meet Sir John Key

"Everyone was warning me..."

John Key

Vicious insults hurled at Max Key's new track

George FM listeners didn't pull punches over John Key's son's new remix.

How do NZ's major political players match up with historic portraits?

New Zealand politicians and their art history twins

How do NZ's major political players match up with historic portraits?

John Key

Max Key showing off new girlfriend?

He's referring to her as "my fav" and "this one".

Jacinda Ardern on The Edge.

Why Jacinda Ardern refuses to sing Christmas songs on the radio

John Key did it, but the Prime Minister told The Edge she won't be.

John Key

Sir John Key spotted in Parliament

He called in to see his former colleagues in the House.

A screenshot of the website

Sir John Key being used in fake NZ Herald bitcoin article

The fake article claims the former Prime Minister made $300 million in bitcoin.

John Key

Snowden alleges 'cover up' over NZ mass surveillance

Mr Snowden said new evidence shows Sir John Key lied about mass surveillance plans.

John Key

Whose Line is it Anyway comedian improvs on Kiwi politicians

Colin Mochrie gave an improv performance on the AM Show.

Former Prime Minister John Key's son Max

Max Key slams parody rap song

"That is hands-down probably the worst thing I have ever heard in my life."

Former Prime Minister John Key's son Max

Max Key threatens Eminem diss track

The former Prime Minister's son may embarrass the Nats yet again.

John Key.

Sir John Key takes top banking job with ANZ

He'll become the chair of the bank's New Zealand operations early next year.

Should MPs' pay packets be reined in?

MPs' pay hikes 'ripping off taxpayers'

MPs don't choose how much they're paid, but that hasn't stopped the criticism.


Could the anti-smacking law be overturned?

With Winston in the box seat, Family First says he could make it a bottom line.

Max Key challenges Jacinda Ardern to 'DJ battle'

Max Key challenges Jacinda Ardern to 'DJ battle'

The son of John Key reckons he can push buttons better than the Labour leader.

Sir John Key and his DJ son, Max.

Max Key using John Key, election to sell merchandise

The former Prime Minister's son is trolling viewers to promote his new clothing line.

John Key at his home in 2014.

John Key sells home to offshore buyer

The ex-Prime Minister has reportedly sold most of his sprawling Parnell property to a buyer in China.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Phil Goff in 2003; Phil Goff on The AM Show

Phil Goff reveals worst gift he's ever received

"It was the most hideous thing."