Donald Trump

Donald Trump has denied having an affair with the adult actress Stormy Daniels.

'I hope all the sharks die'

The US President's greatest fear is sharks, according to his alleged porn star mistress.

Carl Higbie with Donald Trump's Hollywood star.

Trump official resigns after racist rants exposed

Carl Higbie said black people had "lax" morals, and compared Muslims to child rapists.

US utilities are still shutting coal-fired power plants and shifting to cheaper natural gas.

Trump's push for coal fails to catch fire

His efforts have had little impact on domestic demand for the climate change-causing fossil fuel.

Torch-carrying KKK members march outside Trump's Oval Office

New U2 video connects KKK to Trump White House

"The video addresses the current political situation."

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 12: For the fourth straight day, thousands of New Yorkers march up 5th Avenue to Trump Tower in protest against the election of Donald Trump as President, November 12, 2016. (Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images)

Women take to the streets to fight Trump

Thousands will march, one year on.

How devastating would a nuclear attack on NZ be?

Sanctions 'really starting to hurt' North Korea - US

But Pyongyang is still getting closer to long-range missile capability.

Donald Trump

Border wall concept has 'never changed' - Trump

It contradicts comments made by his chief of staff.

Donald Trump

President Trump posts 'Fake News awards'

The President has kicked up his war against mainstream media.

Stormy Daniels allegedly had an encounter with Trump in 2006.

Trump compared mistress porn star to his daughter - report

He reportedly told Stormy Daniels she was "beautiful and smart" like Ivanka.

Fire and Fury: Trump White House TV show on the way

Trump White House TV show on the way

A small screen adaptation of Michael Wolff's novel Fire and Fury has been announced.

The North Korean threat, Trump and the refugee crisis pose big problems for the NZ Govt.

NZ vs the World: How Trump, North Korea and the refugee crisis will test us

Instability overseas could mean chaos for NZ, how would the Government respond?

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment consists of a number of simple tasks to identify signs of dementia.

Take the mental test Trump just aced

Are you smarter than a US President?

Donald Trump

US doctor declares Trump 'mentally intact and fit for duty'

According to the White House's own physician, the President is in "excellent overall health".

Steve Bannon, a former top adviser to President Donald Trump.

Steve Bannon subpoenaed to testify in Russia investigation

He'll appear before a grand jury.

Donald Trump.

Donald Trump isn't racist, he's confused - Ex-wife

Ivana Trump says her ex-husband could be muddled by all of his communication staff.

Watch the full interview from The Project.

Jimmy Carr calls Jacinda Ardern 'the opposite of Trump'

The caustic British comedian likes our PM so much, he wants to be her date for the royal wedding.

Donald Trump

Trump said 'S***house' not 'S***hole' - Republicans

The exact slur the President used to described some countries is being debated.

Jacinda Ardern says they're "hugely offensive". Do you agree?

Poll: Were Donald Trump's s**thole comments offensive?

Jacinda Ardern says they're "hugely offensive". Do you agree?

Jacinda Ardern wouldn't say either way if she thinks Donald Trump is racist.

Donald Trump's s**thole comments 'hugely offensive' - Ardern

But she stopped short of calling the US President a racist.

Trump and London aren't getting along.

London Mayor trash-talks 'very stable geniuses'

Pro-Trump protesters have tried and failed to arrest Sadiq Khan.