Donald Trump

Lawyers told him his predecessor's turkey pardons couldn't be revoked.

Trump jokes about killing Obama's Thanksgiving turkeys

Lawyers told him his predecessor's turkey pardons couldn't be revoked.

Jacinda Ardern told the AM Show what really happened.

Did Trump really think Ardern was Trudeau's wife?

Jacinda Ardern told the AM Show what really happened.

Comedian Tom Sainsbury told Ryan Bridge about his conversation with the Prime Minister.

Trump thought Ardern was Trudeau's wife - comedian

The US President reportedly didn't recognise our Prime Minister at first.

Nuclear weapons.

US nuke boss won't carry out 'illegal' attack, even if Trump ordered it

"We're not stupid people. We think about these things a lot," said Air Force General John Hyten.

The ban was designed to discourage hunting of both elephants and lions.

Trump backpedals on hunting trophy imports

He now wants to "review all conservation facts".

Pipe waiting to become a part of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Controversial Keystone Pipeline spills oil

Environmentalists say it's more proof an extension to the pipeline - Keystone XL - should not go ahead.

Donald Trump Jnr holding the tail of an elephant he shot and killed.

Trump reverses ban on elephant trophies

His sons are big fans of trophy-hunting in Africa.

Donald Trump

Ardern and Trump exchange friendly fire

Ms Ardern fired back when Mr Trump took a light-hearted dig at her.

Donald Trump

Trump 'sentenced to death' by North Korea

An editorial in the state-run newspaper called him a "hideous criminal".

Donald Trump

Trump's water bottle distracts from 'major announcement'

It's attracted a lot of attention on social media.

Donald Trump delivers his announcement.

Donald Trump's 'major announcement'

US President Donald Trump is delivering what he's previewed as a "major announcement".

Winston Peters was given a high level briefing by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Trump announcement could involve NZ

Winston Peters was given a top-level briefing by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Winston Peters discusses the "massive announcement" on the Asia-Pacific region.

NZ briefed on secret US action coming in Asia-Pacific

The Government won't rule out a connection to Trump's "massive announcement".

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte serenaded Donald Trump at a leaders' dinner.

Filipino president serenades Trump with love song

President Duterte said he performed the duet 'under Trump's orders'.

Malcolm Turnbull Twitter Snub vietnam

Turnbull accused of cropping Vietnam president out of pic

He appears to have given the host nation the cold shoulder.

Jacinda Ardern said the tweet "does not change depending on tweets".

What Jacinda Ardern thought of Donald Trump's 'short and fat' tweet

The US President is again in a Twitter controversy.

Protesters took to the streets.

Protests ahead of Trump's arrival in the Philippines

Riot police used water cannons to prevent hundreds of protesters reaching the US embassy in Manila.

 Donald Trump has attempted to walk back comments he made suggesting he believes Vladimir Putin over US intelligence agencies.

Trump walks back Putin comments

The US President was criticised for seeming to believe Putin over US intelligence.

President Trump arrives aboard Air Force One at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam.

What Donald Trump's Asia-Pacific 'dream' means for NZ

The US President is taking an unpredictable, loud and aggressive anti-China approach in the region.

President Donald Trump lashed out at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Twitter.

Trump lashes out at 'short and fat' Jong-un

The US President didn't appreciate being called "old".