Winston Peters

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 31:  NZ First leader Winston Peters speaks to media following the Economic Development Agencies of New Zealand Conference at Rydges Hotel on August 31, 2017 in Wellington, New Zealand. Peters annouced a commitment to move container operations from the Ports of Auckland to Northland if his party is part of government following next month's election. The announcement follows recent controversy relating to the overpayment of his personal superannuation entitlements.  (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

Winston Peters says he won't support a water tax on farmers 1 hour ago

But he does support a tax on exported bottled water.

Winston Peters

When mall visits go bad: Winston Peters just wanted a handshake

A curry, a coke and a rejected handshake.

Winston Peters

Inside Winston Peters' brain with Paddy Gower

"I would've hated to have played rugby against you because you would have been a slippery little bugger."

Winston Peters.

A vote for NZ First a vote against water tax - Peters

He told farmers National was also planning a water tax.

Winston Peters

Work with 'Uncle Winston'? No problem - Willie Jackson

He says if the Māori Party can deal with Don Brash, Labour can handle Mr Peters.

Details about Mr Peters being overpaid his superannuation were leaked to the media last month, and he has accused the National party of being responsible.

MSD says no evidence it leaked Winston Peters' information

The Ministry has investigated its employees after Mr Peters detailed were leaked to media.

Winston Peters

Campaigns turn nasty as National, TOP release attack ads

National has attacked Labour's tax policies, while TOP has come out against Winston Peters.

Winston Peters.

Winston Peters promises 'elite police flying squad'

The unit would tackle "rampant outbreaks of lawlessness".

Winston Peters blamed the Inland Revenue for the leak.

Not us behind Peters leaks: Inland Revenue

The IRD has denied being the source of confidential information on Mr Peters superannuation.

Bill English suggested Labour was considering an inheritance tax.

English 'scaremongering' over inheritance tax - Ardern

Ms Ardern says an inheritance tax from a Labour-led Govt is off the table.

"He is attacking Labour - but he is after National's votes."

Winston's tax attack shows he thinks Labour is winning

"If he's attacking one side, he's actually trying to get votes off the other."

Winston Peters

Winston Peters wants Labour to reveal tax plans

He said he won't support Labour's plan to have a tax review before announcing changes.

Winston Peters

Winston Peters promises a next-gen Gold Card

He also announced the party would change the minimum residency requirement to obtain super.

Winston Peters

James Shaw calls no-show Winston Peters a 'bad date'

The Greens leader was speaking at the minor parties debate on Friday.

Labour's leader said she was offended by the comparison to the US President.

Five NZ politicians more like Trump than Ardern is

The Labour leader said comparing her to the US President was "offensive" - so who'd fit the mould better?

Winston Peters

Winston Peters pulls out of minor parties debate

Gareth Morgan and Mike Hosking also won't be there.

Gareth Morgan.

Minor parties debate 'a farce' - Morgan

The Opportunities Party has been ruled out of taking part in Friday's debate.

As election night creeps closer, here are five things to take from the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll.

What would it take to oust the 'kingmaker'?

Here are five things to take from the recent Newshub-Reid research poll.

Winston Peters

'Statistics NZ have been nothing but amateur sleuths' - Winston Peters

The number of net migrants since 2001 has been underestimated by nearly 60,000.

Accidental text from Winston Peters

Winston's Whoopsie: An accidental text to Newshub

It happens to the best of us. Even politicians. Even Winston Peters.