Winston Peters

The North Korean threat, Trump and the refugee crisis pose big problems for the NZ Govt.

NZ vs the World: How Trump, North Korea and the refugee crisis will test us 3 hours ago

Instability overseas could mean chaos for NZ, how would the Government respond?

Winston Peters

Winston Peters confident in North Korea talks

He has a unique position alongside 20 other countries meeting to discuss the rogue nation.

North Korea keeps testing new weapons.

NZ welcomes latest sanctions on North Korea

It's a message its behaviour will not be "meekly accepted", Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.

Winston Peters

Peters predicts the next leader of the National Party

He took it on as his responsibility as Racing Minister.

Jacinda Ardern's incredible rise.

Only one possible winner for Newshub Politician of the Year...

'Change' was the other big political winner, writes political reporter Lloyd Burr.

Parliamentary playlist

New Zealand's parliamentary playlist of 2017

Now that's what I call a political banger - Vol. I

Winston Peters

I've learnt 'tolerance' this year - Mark Richardson

The AM Show presenter said he now likes Jacinda Ardern, even though she'll "tax [him] into oblivion".

Tokelau currently has unreliable satellite internet.

Tokelau to get better internet, new wharf

The island's current satellite internet is slow and unreliable.

Watch: Bill English says the Government needs to release the document.

Ardern expects to meet Ombudsman over 'secret' document

There's intense speculation about what's in the document.

"The public deserves to know what they've agreed to do," he says.

Government's longer coalition deal needs to be released - Bill English

"The public deserves to know what they've agreed to do," he says.

Winston Peters

Government insists there is no 'secret document' with NZ First

But National want it released anyway.

British International Trade Secretary Liam Fox.

Brexit's impact on NZ up for discussion

The impact on NZ's export quotas will be discussed with the visiting British International Trade Secretary.

Wreckages of cars are seen after the Egypt Sinai mosque bombing in Al-Arish.

Egypt massacre blamed on Islamic State

No Kiwis or Australians are believed to have been caught up in the attack, which left 305 dead.

Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister.

Understanding New Zealand First through the power of poetry

An acrostic poem about the struggle to understand NZ First.

Winston Peters

NZ ready to step in over North Korea - Ardern

Mr Peters has talked with the rogue nation before - and the PM says she's not opposed to him doing it again.

Judith Collins and Phil Twyford discuss Winston Peters on The AM Show.

'Why wouldn't we offer him up?'

Judith Collins is keen to send Winston Peters to North Korea - but not for the reasons you might expect.

Peters and Tillerson

Winston Peters - our man on the Korean Peninsula

No surprise if Peters is named envoy to North Korea, says Mitch Harris.

Winston Peters was given a high level briefing by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Trump announcement could involve NZ

Winston Peters was given a top-level briefing by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Watch Winston Peters address media about the Asia-Pacific region.

Winston Peters' North Korean connection

He succeeded in negotiating safe harbour for New Zealand migratory birds.

Winston Peters discusses the "massive announcement" on the Asia-Pacific region.

NZ briefed on secret US action coming in Asia-Pacific

The Government won't rule out a connection to Trump's "massive announcement".