Scammers targeting elderly heatpump owners

  • 22/06/2016
(Paul Henry)
(Paul Henry)

There's a warning that some older Kiwis are being pressured into buying new heat pumps.

Consumer New Zealand CEO Sue Chetwin joined Paul Henry with some advice.

Sue says:

● Cold calling to sell heatpumps is on the increase and it's a scam. They say your heat pump needs servicing and ‘find’ an expensive problem.

● People should not accept anyone cold calling them to say their heat pump is due for a service unless it's from the company that sold it to them. If they are unsure ‐ call.

● NEVER buy a heat pump from a cold call.

● The Fair Trading Act gives you rights ‐- If you agree to buy goods or services from a cold‐caller and the value is more than $100 you have the right to cancel for any reason.

● You can cancel the deal within five working days of receiving a written agreement and you can cancel at any time if the company does not provide the information.

●>DO NOT give them any money or access to bank accounts. If you're feeling pressured say you want a member of your family or community there before you make up your mind.

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