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Sharon Armstrong fell for a scam.

Romance scam victim who wound up in jail releases tell-all book

She flew half way around the world for love, only to be arrested and jailed for smuggling cocaine.

Ron Mark on The Hui.

Injured brothers may finally receive compensation

Damien and George Nepata received horrific injuries in separate botched Army exercises.

Iwi members of Ngāti Manuhiri ki Ōmaha all descend directly from one woman, Rahui Te Kiri.

Iwi trust shouldn't have sold land, members claim

There's trouble in paradise, reports The Hui's Mihingarangi Forbes.

More than 1 million chickens will be on the farm at any one time.

Huge chicken farm has iwi, vege growers worried

Dargaville locals are crying fowl.

Ricky Houghton has been honoured for his work.

Why Kaitaia's local hero believes in miracles

Ricky Houghton is on a mission to help those who can't help themselves.

Jason Rewiti was only 15 when he was put away.

Kiwi teen self-harming, kept in solitary confinement in Aussie prison

Kylee Douglas fears her son Jason Rewiti will die behind bars.

Marama Fox on The Hui.

Fire Labour leaders who 'covered up' sex assaults - Fox

Former Māori Party co-leader Ms Fox says heads should roll.

Romata Kenny no longer lives a life of crime.

Ex-inmate's road to redemption

Romata Kenny is a free man, but he's not free from his past.

Lance O'Sullivan wants pokies banned.

We're all paying for pokies - Lance O'Sullivan

He wants them banned, and the sooner the better.

Marama Davidson and Julie Anne Genter on The Hui.

Green Party '6 out of 10' on Treaty - Marama Davidson

The leadership hopeful says her party has "some work to do".

Poverty Bay was once called Tūranganui-a-Kiwa.

Poverty Bay or Tūranganui-a-Kiwa?

Gisborne residents are split between the past and future on the name of their bay.

Maki Herbert is risking it all to relieve her own chronic pain and others who are suffering in her community.

'The law sucks': Meet the green fairies risking it all

People who take marijuana for pain relief are criminals - and proposed changes won't change that.

The Hui

'I am Māori' - Simon Bridges shuts down talk of 'blood quantums'

"I grew up that way, people have always considered me so. It's fundamentally simple."

Nen Tulloch has dreamed of being a cop for years.

Why won't the police hire this woman?

Nen Tulloch is Māori, a woman, passed all the tests and has a clean record. So why don't the police want her?

'Hangi master' Rewi Spraggon wants to pass his traditional skills on to the masses.

Meet the 'hangi master'

Rewi Spraggon says anything can be cooked in a hangi - including ice cream.

Peeni Henare.

Whānau Ora under Labour - what's in store?

The Hui speaks with Whanau Ora Minister Peeni Henare.

Stephen Dudley died after being bashed after school.

Justice for Stephen Dudley will never come

The recent ruling not to re-open the case into his death is the final blow for his parents.

Cherrilee Fuller is an inspiration.

Kiwi mum focused on the future

Cherylee Fuller has set up her own photography business while bringing up her tamariki - on her own.

Paul Eagle.

From adoption to MP

Labour's Paul Eagle was adopted, and didn't meet his birth parents for 20 years.

Xavier Tikena is being helped by league legend Richie Barnett.

How a Kiwi league star is helping young Māori

Too many young Māori men end up in prison - but Richie Barnett's showing them another way.

Marama Fox on The Hui.

Where to from here for the Māori Party?

The election saw them ousted from Parliament, but they're refusing to go down without a fight.

Carmel Sepuloni.

Impact on children central to welfare changes

Changes could be on the cards for our welfare system under the new Government.

Charmaine Ngarimu paid $17,000 herself for the surgery.

Stomach stapling an escape from 'fat jail'

Charmaine Ngarimu had her stomach stapled in 2014, and it's literally changed her from the inside out.

Andrew Little on The Hui.

Three-strikes law repeal won't be retrospective - Little

Andrew Little told Three's The Hui while the law caused a lot of harm, there's only so much he can do.

Morrocco Tai wasn't the hoodlum the news portrayed him as, say his family.

Morrocco Tai's death a warning to others

He died in a police pursuit after stealing a car, but his family say he was 'Sunshine' to them.

Artists say few people realise the extent of the problem.

Māori artists talk about their battles with depression

"It affects probably every New Zealander, but people just don't know it."

Nanaia Mahuta.

The first minister to wear facial moko

Nanaia Mahuta's the the first wahine to be Māori Development Minister - and the first minister to wear a facial moko.

Willie Jackson on The Hui.

Most Māori don't care about foreshore and seabed - Jackson

Willie Jackson told The Hui the country has moved on from the foreshore and seabed debacle.

Kharl Wirepa's career may be over.

Designer fears career in tatters after fraud conviction

Kharl Wirepa misled Work and Income about where he was living. It could cost him dearly.

Kharl WiRepa was recently convicted of welfare fraud.

Māori designer guilty of fraud a victim of 'double standard'

"White people get away with crimes, brown people do time."

It's been 10 years since the dawn raids.

Te Urewera raids not forgotten

A decade on, the relationship between the Crown and the 'Children of The Mist' is still shrouded in mistrust.

Annette Sykes.

Urewera raids: The lawyer who saved the innocent

The first phone call many of them made on that morning 10 years ago was to lawyer Annette Sykes.

Tattooing used to be a male-dominated industry - not anymore.

Tatau with a wahine touch

Tattooing used to be a male-dominated industry, but the women of Karanga Ink are changing that.

Will the Māori seats go?

Decision 17: What next for Māori?

They will be hoping the Māori seats are off the table in coalition discussions, Morgan Godfrey told Three's The Hui

Kiri Allan is a brand new MP.

Labour's fresh Māori faces - Kiri Allan

Kiritapu Allan shows Three's The Hui around her East Coast electorate and her new workplace.

Te Ururoa Flavell and Marama Fox.

Signs of change in Waiariki

It's been a week since the nation cast their votes in the General Election, which saw the Māori Party ousted from Parliament.

Jason Guttenbeil is paying for his own cancer treatment.

Why is Keytruda funded for melanoma, but not lung cancer?

Māori lead the pack when it comes to lung cancer, but have to pay for treatment out of their own pockets.

Xander Pou - spacebound.

From Ngāpuhi to NASA: Kiwi teen shoots for the stars

Xander Pou is a 16-year-old space nerd who's spellbound by space.

Former Greens co-leader Metiria Turei told The Hui she intends to stick around.

'I'll always be in politics' - Metiria Turei

The former Greens co-leader told The Hui she intends to stick around.

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira said last night's election results were disappointing for Māori.

Harawira 'unlikely' to return

The Mana leader told The Hui he was disappointed by last night's results for Māori.

The Hui

Obliteration of Māori Party a vote for Labour - Kelvin Davis

"A block of 13 MPs in one Parliament, Māori MPs, in one party, is a historic occasion," he told The Hui.

Marama Fox.

NZ back to 'the age of colonisation' - Fox

The Māori Party co-leader says she's worked harder than any "waste of space" Labour MP.

Vincent Taurima and Hakopa Ngaronoa were found dead weeks after they went missing.

Mothers' grief after sons die in the forest

Vincent Taurima and Hakopa Ngaronoa made a fatal decision to run into the Kaimanawa Forest.

Rohan McMahon leads the choir.

Filling the streets with song

The Auckland Street Choir gives a voice to the disadvantaged.

Nga wahine morehu.

Four women who survived abuse in state care

They call themselves 'Ngā Wāhine Mōrehu' - the woman who survived.

Francesca Borell.

Parents believe tragedy could have been avoided

Francesca Borell needed help with her mental health. She didn't get it, and now stands charged with murder.

Martin Koroheke.

Man evicted over previous tenant's P use

Police raided the house in 2007. Martin Koroheke moved in years later, only to be booted out.

Renata Poa.

Meet NZ's only heavyweight pro female MMA fighter

Renata Poa is preparing for her first pro fight - against Brazilian Ellen Rosa.

Marama Fox.

Fox gives biggest hint Māori Party could switch sides

"I know our people lean left and they'd love to see us in coalition [with Labour and the Greens]."

Jacinda Ardern.

'Let's not celebrate too much' - ex-Labour member

Labour's only polling where it should be at the "end of the third term of a bad Government".

Gabriel Wharehinga loved the theatre.

Theatre-loving teen loses cancer battle

The Hui took Gabriel Wharehinga to visit the Pop-Up Globe Theatre to see Othello before he died.

Metiria Turei's actions divided opinion.

Turei's demise due to 'race, gender and class'

Māori academic Dr Leonie Pihama says the attacks on Metiria Turei were "grounded in... right-wing ideologies".

Harata Kay has been looking for a home for almost a year.

Homeless in Whangarei

She's looked at more than 100 houses, but 50-year-old Harata Kay is still without a home.

Mihingarangi Forbes meets the would-be MPs.

Aspiring Māori MPs show depth of talent

The Hui meets some would-be Māori MPs and finds out what makes them tick.

Te Reo is in safe hands.

How te reo Māori has improved young Kiwis' lives

Raiha Paki went back to her old school in Hamilton to meet Te Reo's newest speakers.

Kelvin Davis.

Labour will move to entrench Māori seats

Not only do Ardern and Davis oppose a referendum on the Māori seats, they want them entrenched.

Josh Wharehinga.

From the 'hood to city hall

He grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, and now Josh Wharehinga is a city Councillor.

Anne Tolley on The Hui.

Victims of abuse in state care get 'absolute' apology

Anne Tolley has offered an apology to former wards of the state who were abused.

Willie Jackson on The Hui.

It's game-on in Waiariki

Will Te Ururoa Flavell have to fight like a shark to save his party from political oblivion?

Tax fraud dwarfs welfare fraud.

Tax fraud vs welfare fraud - the facts

Tax fraud costs the taxpayer around $1.2 billion a year, while welfare fraud is less than $40 million.