Tennis brat Nick Kyrgios adds to extensive rap sheet

Tennis brat Nick Kyrgios adds to extensive rap sheet

Tennis brat Nick Kyrgios has committed to seeing a sports psychologist after his latest meltdown in Shanghai.

It's not voluntary though - the sessions are a condition of his ATP sanctions, and will cut his eight week ban down to three.

Kyrgios has often been likened to John McEnroe, now the Australian's become the first player since the American in 1987 to be banned for his on court behaviour.

The ATP has slapped the Australian with a $34,000 fine and banned him for eight tournament weeks for tanking, abusing a spectator, and his post-match comments in Shanghai.

"It's your choice, if you want to buy a ticket come watch me. I'm unpredictable, it's your choice I don't owe you anything," he told a packed press conference following his most recent loss.

"It doesn't affect how I sleep at night."

Although he's since issued a statement apologising to fans for his actions - saying he respects the ATP's decision, and that he's vowing to improve both on and off the court.

However, Kyrgios will only serve a ban of three weeks after agreeing to see a psychologist.

"It's come to the stage where he's been forced to do it, and I think maybe in the long run it's a good thing," said former tennis bad-boy John McEnroe.

And grand slam winner Pat Cash thinks the incident might force tennis authorities to do more to help young players deal with the pressure of the pro circuit.

"They do not have in place proper mental care, proper health for young athletes," noted Cash.

It may be difficult for Kyrgios to change his ways though, at just 21-years-old he's already got an impressive rap sheet.

His on-court jibe at Stan Wawrinka's partner's alleged infidelity last year cost him over $30,000, while he got away with appearing to tank at Wimbledon that same year.

But having already earned over 5 million in career prize money, it's unlikely fines will be the wake up call Kyrgios needs.


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