Blackcaps to fight pace with pace in new speedster Lockie Ferguson

  • 01/12/2016
  • By Matt Tewhatu
Mike Hesson has selected just Lachie Ferguson as the new face for the Blackcaps in the Chappell-Hadlee series (Photosport image)

Blackcaps coach Mike Hesson is hoping Lockie Ferguson can have a similar impact for them as Mitchell Starc has had for Australia although he's cautious to rush his debut.

In Sydney ahead of the opening match of the Chappell-Hadlee Series, Hesson said he was excited at presenting a new challenge for the current top ranked one-day international team.

"We've lost over 1000 one-day international matches since the world cup so to replace those is a challenge," said Hesson.

"But we've also got some exciting players that [Australia] doesn't know a lot about and hopefully [they] will in a week or 10 days."

Ferguson has been very impressive for Auckland this season with an average of 25.09 and Hesson said that he'd be something a little difference for Australia but held off comparing him to Blackcaps great Shane Bond.

"With Adam Milne missing, Lockie gives us that point of difference in the attack.

"I think they are different types of bowlers, Shane swung the ball, Lockie is at the early stages of his career but we know he's capable of bowling at pace at times."

When it came to facing Australia's most feared speedster Mitchell Starc, the Blackcaps coach said he not only posed a question to the top of the batting order, but was a challenge for the entire side.

"I think you can plan as much as you like but when you swing the ball at that pace, if he gets it right, its challenging.

"We know his first spell is challenging, also when he comes around the wicket when he attacks the poles, he creates a different challenge for the middle and lower order."

The Blackcaps currently hold the Chappell-Hadlee series and will look to win it for the third consecutive time.


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