Georges St-Pierre amongst UFC's finest to form MMA Athletes Association

Georges St-Pierre (Getty Images)
Georges St-Pierre (Getty Images)

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is among a group of five fighters who have announced the formation of the MMA athletes Association (MMAAA).

St-Pierre is joined by fellow former champions TJ Dillashaw and Cain Valasquez along with veteran standouts Donald Cerrone and Tim Kennedy in the association which is seeking to organize fighters with the aim of getting better treatment from the industry leader.

Former Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney has been brought in as an advisor, but it will be run entirely by the fighters according to UFC middleweight, Tim Kennedy.

"We're here to make sure that no fighter in the UFC gets left behind," said Kennedy.

"The fighters are running this association. Period. End of story."

Kennedy's teammate, Donald Cerrone admitted that there may be ramifications from his employer but he is willing to take the risk at the benefit of himself and his fellow competitors.

"What's going to happen? I have no (expletive) idea," he said.

"But let's run it until the goddamm wheels come off."

St-Pierre, who is currently engaged in a contract dispute with the UFC said current stars like Conor McGregor deserve a bigger share of profits.

He said he is willing to be labelled the 'villain' opposite the company.

"I want the situation to be rectified and I want to be happy on both sides," St-Pierre said.

Rebney singled out the UFC's new ownership group, WME-IG, for their "decried" treatment of fighters and would like to see them receive 50 percent of revenue and benefit packages comparable to other sports leagues such as the NBA.

Rebney said that for now, the association is only aimed at the UFC.

He said members could exercise their power by acting collectively to force changes in the way the industry-leader does business and suggested the possibility of strikes to meet demands.

The UFC has yet to comment.


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