Video: Nico Porteous lands left double 1440 in Canada

  • 07/04/2017

Fifteen-year-old Kiwi skier Nico Porteous has continued to push boundaries by landing another difficult trick while training in Calgary, Canada.

Porteous landed a Left Double 1440, a trick which involves four full spins of the body in just two seconds of air time.

The trick was not completed in any competition this season, and is a trick only a few skiers in the world have landed.

Last year Porteous became the first Kiwi and youngest person in the world to land a triple cork 1440.

He also signed a deal with Red Bull who are backing the youngster in his bid to qualify for next year's Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Porteous will be back in New Zealand to compete in the Audi Quattro Winter Game in Queenstown later in the year.