Kearney confirms wife has breast cancer

  • 17/09/2017
Warriors coach Stephen Kearney.
Warriors coach Stephen Kearney. Photo credit: Getty

Warriors coach Stephen Kearney has confirmed his wife Piri is recovering after treatment for breast cancer.

The diagnosis came days before Christmas last year, the Herald on Sunday reports.

Kearney has been living in Auckland since joining the Warriors last October while his wife and two daughters stayed in Brisbane where the girls were settled in high school and university.

The breast cancer was caught early and Mrs Kearney underwent radiotherapy treatment from February.

Kearney did not want to discuss the personal matter but did confirm his wife was in remission.

It's been a tough first year in charge of the Warriors for Kearney. The club lost their last nine games to slump to a 13th place finish.

Breast cancer affects one in nine women in New Zealand over their lifetime. Treatment is usually more successful if the cancer is found at an early stage.

Breast cancer can occur at any age but is most common in women between 50 and 70 years old.

More than 600 women die of the disease every year in New Zealand.