America's Cup: Team New Zealand caught unaware over alternate village plan for 2021 regatta

  • 14/02/2018
America's Cup, Team New Zealand
Grant Dalton said their plan would cost significantly less than what the government had presented on Wednesday. Photo credit: Getty

Team New Zealand has expressed surprise at the release of an alternate plan for the America's Cup village for the 2021 regatta in Auckland.

The government, with support from Auckland Council, has unveiled a "hybrid" proposal for at least seven team bases in the Wynyard area.

The plan includes restaurants and bars, public viewing and hospitality areas.

It incorporates elements of the Wynyard Basin option, agreed by the council in December and publicly notified in January, and the Wynyard Point variant explored by the government.

A key part to the revised plan was agreement by Dutch company Stolthaven Terminals to vacate its southern tank farm site on Wynyard Point.

Team NZ says it has been working through options with the government and the council, but has not yet concluded discussions that meet all parties' objectives.

"We are surprised with the release of the government plan at this point as from our perspective we are still working together towards a final agreement," chief executive Grant Dalton said.

In a meeting with the government, council officials, engineers and architects on Tuesday, Team NZ presented a plan for a village housing up to seven teams on Halsey and Hobson wharfs.

Dalton said it would avoid the need to build on Wynyard Point and would cost significantly less than what the government had presented on Wednesday.

"While we are 100 per cent behind the removal of the tanks, time frame is a hugely significant consideration in the planning for this America's Cup," he said.

"And we feel our option presented to government and council yesterday eliminates the potential for unforeseen blowouts in both time and money when dealing with contaminated land."

Team NZ's plan includes the 75-metre Halsey extension that is in the process for resource consent.