Bali flights resumed

  • 23/07/2015

Flights to Bali are back up and running after a volcanic ash cloud forced airlines to postpone and cancel services.

Flying conditions into Denpasar Airport have improved as the ash cloud from Mount Raung has moved to the west of Bali overnight, Jetstar said in a statement.

Both Jetstar and Air New Zealand have resumed services, with Jetstar operating three extra flights between Australian cities and the Indonesian resort island.

Air New Zealand's flight 245, which was postponed on Wednesday, departed Auckland on Thursday morning.

Ash clouds can choke jet engines and destroy bodywork.

But the threat may not be over, Aviation expert Geoff Thomas says.

"This volcano is continuing to erupt," he told the Seven Network.

"It shows no sign of abating and it really depends on the wind conditions, which way the wind is going to blow this ash, and so we could have the same situation in 24 or 48 hours."

Earlier this month ash clouds emitted by Mount Raung forced the closure of the airport, leaving hundreds of holidaymakers stuck on the island.