Murray McCully to meet with Nauru's president

  • 09/07/2015
Foreign Minister Murray McCully (AAP)
Foreign Minister Murray McCully (AAP)

Foreign Minister Murray McCully will be raising New Zealand's concerns about the deteriorating situation in Nauru when he meets with the president of the tiny Pacific Island nation.

Mr McCully heads to Sydney on Thursday for a meeting of Pacific Islands Forum foreign ministers, which has presented a chance for a one-on-one meeting with Nauru's President Baron Waqa.

"New Zealand is taking the reports coming out of Nauru very seriously and this meeting is an opportunity to pass on our concerns and discuss our contribution to the justice sector in light of recent events," Mr McCully said earlier this week.

The New Zealand Government is the principal funder of Nauru's justice sector and it is being urged to take action in light of recent events, which have included the arrests of opposition MPs and a ban on local media and citizens using Facebook.

Prime Minister John Key on Monday said events in Nauru were "worrying to us".

"We're not ruling out that we won't change what we're doing," he said, in reference to the $2 million in aid the government gives to Nauru.

But Nauru's government insists there is no breakdown of democracy.

"Contrary to reports in some sections of the media, there is certainly no breakdown in democracy or any other turmoil in Nauru. We are merely upholding the rule of law and those who break the rules will be arrested," Justice Minister David Adeang said in a statement.

"It is true, several opposition MPs are before the courts because of their alleged involvement in a violent parliament riot last month and they will be provided with a fair trial."