Nauru MP fighting to return to NZ denied lawyer

  • 22/07/2015
Nauru MP fighting to return to NZ denied lawyer

A Nauruan politician fighting to return to his family in New Zealand has been denied his lawyer for a legal challenge.

Roland Kun has been kept in Nauru without official charges since he was taken off a plane on June 17 and had his passport cancelled by Nauruan authorities.

He appeared in the Supreme Court of Nauru on Tuesday to request his lawyer, Georgie Coleman, who arrived in Nauru over the weekend from Australia after being denied a visa for weeks, be given an exemption from admission to the Nauru Bar.

But that request has been declined and Mr Kun said he would now have to continue with a legal appeal to have his passport returned on Wednesday without his chosen representative.

"We are very well prepared in terms of submissions, but feel that at the end of the day, of course, you would want a lawyer arguing on your behalf," he said.

He will proceed with his case being argued by a pleader, who is not a qualified lawyer.

"We can't delay this any longer. I've already been separated from my family for a month now and it's ridiculous to keep dragging it out," he said.

Mr Kun's family have lived in New Zealand since his partner, Katy Le Roy, was last year fired as Nauru's parliamentary counsel and had her residence status revoked in what Mr Kun called a personal attack.

She now lives in Wellington with the couple's three children and is banned from travelling to Nauru.

The Nauruan government has said Mr Kun is under investigation for his alleged part in a protest outside the country's parliament in June for which three other MPs were arrested, but he denies any involvement.