Parents oblivious to kid's net activities

  • 14/07/2015
Parents oblivious to kid's net activities

Do you know what your children are doing online? Chances are, you don't.

Nearly three in four parents are completely oblivious to what their kids do on the internet, a recent poll of 600 New Zealand adults revealed today.

Almost half of parents never check their children online histories while 52 percent have never discussed the issue of cyberbullying with their youngsters.

Symantec technology strategist Mark Shaw said increasingly younger children are getting access to the internet and with it, a ever-growing range of content.

"They're interacting online via websites, apps, games and online forums at a younger age and more than ever," he said.

"But it's impossible for parents to watch over their kids every second they're online."

"Parents need to arm their children with the knowledge and skills they need to use the internet positively without compromising their privacy and security or that of their friends."

Around a quarter of parents don't know whether their children are being bullied online, with an another 10 percent admitting one of their kids had experienced it.

"Parents need to know what they can do to protect their children online and take an active role in their children's online safety," Mr Shaw said.