Toyota with 1.2M km on clock sells for $3k

  • 28/07/2015
(3 News)
(3 News)

A Toyota ute with more than 1.2 million kilometres on the clock has sold for the more paltry figure of $3000 in a TradeMe auction.

The 1993 Toyota Hilux racked up the high mileage delivering newspaper around the Manawatu was sold last night.

It was bought by a Christchurch trader Happy64, whose profile says they are in used vehicle sales. Most of the bidding was carried out last week.

Turners said the Hilux is the highest mileage car it's ever sold.

Its former owner Glenn Holmes drove 300km a day when he delivered the Evening Standard around the Manawatu from 1993 until 2006, and said regular maintenance was the key to the car's survival.