Indonesia eyes up NZ cattle

  • 17/09/2015

Indonesia is expected to import about 200,000 to 300,000 cattle in the final quarter of this year, but is looking to push local production next year.

Trade official Karyanto Suprih on Wednesday (local time) said the majority would come from Australia, but in the future Indonesia would look to another source, including New Zealand.

"For the fourth quarter, the expectation is around 200-300 thousand," said Karyanto, the acting foreign trade director-general in the trade ministry.

He said the final figure would be decided by the ministry of the economy.

However, local media are reporting the agriculture ministry has had its 2016 budget for breeding cattle cut by 85 per cent and the government will push local production to meet domestic demand, the Sinar Harapan website says.

However, the government will continue to import cattle from foot-and-mouth free countries, such as Australia, to make up the shortfall.